Ouga is a white golden Makai Armor that specializes in long sword combat and energy manipulation. Whoever wears this armor will take the title of the Ouga the Hawk Emperor Knight (鷹皇騎士・王牙オウガ, Ōkō Kishi Ōga) or King Fang. The armor first appears in the pachinko game GARO: Makai Decisive Battle Gaoh and makes its live debut in Moonbow Traveler.

Description & Characteristics[]

Ouga is considered the most powerful Makai Armor and bestowed to only the strongest Makai Knight. Befitting his title as the "Emperor Knight" some media depict two possible candidates for the armor use: Senate Chairman Genbu or Senate Chairman Suzaku (who appeared in the novel Garo -Youseki no Wana-). Both the highest members of the Senate in their respective time which might mean that the armors it's passed to whoever reins over the senate at the time, as opposed to other armors that pass through inheritance within certain bloodlines. However, during the events of Moonbow Traveler, the armor was believed to have vanished through history and hasn't made a return in modern times, making the knight of the Garo armor the strongest in modern times. Through Zaruba, it's implied that Ouga armor was kept and safeguarded by heroic spirits who resided within Tower of Heroic Spirits, though its poor documentation by The Senate resulted in it heirless and eventually found and used by the revived Kiba.

As shown in the pachinko game Ouga it's a formidable opponent with lots of strength, but the armor it's also characterized with a strong emphasis in summoning power from the sun, concentrate it and blowing it off with the special technique called "Great Phoenix Fierce" (大凰激烈, Gekiretsu). This showcases the armor possible energy-related powers, but because of its limited appearance, little is understood about the full capabilities of the armor.

When Barago combines Kiba Armor and Ouga armor, the upgraded Kiba, Kiba Ouga (呀王牙, Kiba Ōga) gains the ability to project twin wires each ends with ornate blades that can be manipulated as extra limbs and a pair of hawk-like wings, but even it's unclear whether said quirks were originally Ouga's or exclusive to that form alone.

Skills & Abilities[]

  • Sword Proficiency: Ouga is an armor specialized in longsword combat, thus improves the wearer's skill with such weapon.
  • Solar Energy Manipulation: As stated previously, Ouga's quirk is the ability to store and channel the energy of the sun so its knight can use it to perform energy attacks, with the strongest technique being Great Phoenix Fierce.

Tools & Equipment[]

  • Ouga Sword: Ouga's Makai Blade that takes the appearance of a longsword. Its normal form may resembles jian like Garoken.


Makai Decisive Battle Gaoh[]

In the Pachinko Game story, Ouga is a senior Makai Knight member of the Senate. He is a contestant of the tournament (the game title), held to measure the ability of the curent generation of Makai Knights, as it's the one hosting the tournament. At the time of the tournament the eight strongest knights, the elite of the eight jurisdiction zones in tokio reunite before him to be tested without their knowlegde,and told to fight between them while the none confrontation rule between knight its lift while during the time of the tournament.

Ouga entered the tournament posting as just another knight, and rapidly took the top position, being refered as "The powerful person that holds the silver armor."

Moonbow Traveler[]

In the events of Moonbow Traveler, Raiga's birth awakened the surviving dark remnants of Barago/Kiba. Barago returned and targeted knights to use their power to summon the legendary armor: Ouga. Barago wanted to combine the powers of the Kiba and Ouga armor to become a new entity of great power. It was briefly fused with the Kiba but it was separated from Kiba after a battle with Taiga, Kouga, and Raiga Saejima, and returned to whence it came. It is stated by Kouga that once it was Ouga (as opposed to Garo) who hailed as the most powerful Makai Knight.

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Notes & Trivia[]

  • The Hawk theme of the armor may be related to Japanse Falconry known as Takagari.
  • In an interview with Keita Amemiya he compares Garo with Ouga saying that "Garo has the highest rank" among the strongest characters "known to those who know", but then he adds, "If you say in strength, Ouga may be higher". This it's later confirmed by Kouga during the events of Moonbow Traveler.
  • This armor was originally exclusive to the pachinko game Makai Kessen Gaoh, before making its live-action debut in Moonbow Traveler.

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