P GARO: Saejima Kouga (P牙狼冴島鋼牙) is a prequel mini-series set before Moonbow Traveler. However, in terms of the time of events, it is set after the Lament of the Dark Dragon and before the start of The Makai Flower. It's a short story that expands upon the disappearance of Raiga's parents.


More than six years after the events of Lament of the Dark Dragon, Kouga and Kaoru married and had Raiga. One day, while painting, Kuromaru (from the Promised Land) appeared before Kaoru and took her brush and fled back to his realm through a door portal. A friend of his, a book spirit, was damaged and only through the power of a creation tool (Kaoru's paint brush) could restore him. Kaoru gave chase and followed Kuromaro through the portal and ended up in the Promised Land. It was there that she realized Kuromaro was trying to help his friend and gave Kaoru her brush back in hopes she would know how to restore his friend. A decorative tree spirit told her to use her artistic abilities to help restore Kuromaro's friend (as this realm is powered by imagination and creativity).

Back in the Mortal Realm, Kouga tells Silver Knight Rei that he intends to find Kaoru and bring her back. However, this trip is a one-way journey as there's no way back. Kouga still wants to find his wife but Rei stands in his way. To prevent Kouga from leaving, the two had a duel and Rei lost. Because it was a battle between friends, Kouga went easy on him. A black Small Makai Dragon appears and Rei explains Rekka gave this tracker to help him on his quest. As for Raiga, Kouga expects Rei to honor his end to train Raiga on his 10th Birthday if he doesn't return and departs.

Traversing through the Promised Land and with the help of the object spirits, they help guide Kouga to Kaoru. Unfortunately, a remnant of Kiba survived in this realm and now holds Kaoru hostage to face Garo. Kouga found Kiba and fought him in mortal combat. Garo Vs Kiba, both sides fought evenly until Kiba used his powers to unleash a dragon form. To counter Kiba, Kouga's will and the spirit objects combined their energies to make Garo stronger by transforming his armor into a massive flying shield to clash with Kiba. Garo defeated Kiba and returned to see Kuromaro. Just then, a flood of images appear before them and Zaruba explains that Eyrith has unleashed her powers through time and space and knights throughout time face her. However, Kaoru and Kouga saw a future where Raiga lost and died to Eyrith because he never inherited the Garo armor and forced to use a Steel Armor instead. Unwilling to let such an event happen, Kouga had Kuromaro open a portal to send Zaruba back to Raiga to aide him to become the next Garo. The story continues in The Makai Flower.

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