Pawn's Human Form
Pawn's Horror Form

Pawn was a Horror that took the form of a cheerful businessman and invited people to "find happiness in El Dorado", secretly kidnapping and shipping them out of the city for various purposes.

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Pawn has a bad habit of being unable to control his hunger, resulting in him often consuming his targets prematurely or people he should be recruiting instead of consuming.


One night, Pawn met with an unsuspecting woman named Melia Wilde, who agreed on the terms of working for El Dorado and was ready to work for them until Pawn devoured her. The next day, Pawn presents himself to Sister and offers her a paid field trip for the children of the Catherine Home. But he was forced to enact his plan early when Sword and Luke found out his hideout and the people whom he kidnapped, causing him to return that night to tell Sister that they have to go now. Suspecting of Pawn's intentions, Sister held off Pawn long enough for the children to escape before being impaled by Pawn's spider-like legs. Pawn is then slain by Knight for attempting to eat Sister and the other children against his plans.

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