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Phantom Makai Knights or Shadow Knights are a blacks ops division of the Makai Knights in the events of The Makai Flower. The unit is unique to the Original Series as it doesn't exist in the other stories of Garo.

Description & Characteristics[]

Phantom Makai Knights are a covert group of Makai Knights that operate discretely within the shadows. They are without territory; the knights are allowed to travel across multiple districts to handle special missions while answering only to their leader, Taishi (Ambassador in Japanese). They are tasked to take on some of the hardest missions that require the coordinated efforts of a group of knights. However, the full description of their group is not fully defined due to limited information. Based on observation though, there are notable differences and similarities between regular knights and phantom knights.

Traditionally, a knight is trained between a master and a disciple until the disciple graduates and inherit his master's armor (usually from their father). With the shadow knights, they are trained as a group by a master and senior disciple(s). Unlike other knights, they continue working together as a group and maintain ties to their unit even after completing their training. Befitting to their moniker, shadow knights are also trained in stealth tactics, infiltration, and usage of thrown weapons (including specialized shurikens).

The majority of the members seem to only use makai swords and deploy custom shurikens for combat; it's unclear do all of them have armors though. Only Eiji Busujima (Tashi-leader of the group) and Crow (Eiji's disciple) are known to have makai armors and those armors are titled ones. Assuming all members of Phantom Makai Knights have armors, the title-less members of the group are likely given plain steel armors.

The knights themselves bear no identity nor title. It suggests the knights are a collective of orphans, possibly re-purposed parent-less children within their realm. As a group of title-free knights, their merits aren't acknowledged nor known within the Makai Order. However, there is some confusion about this matter as Taishi, bears a title and is a Senatorial Knight despite no one else in the group has that privilege.

Like any knight, they must purge the darkness out from the weapons they use. Unfortunately, without a purifier tool (usually provided by the Watch Dogs), they had to use alternative means. The Barg is a makai beast that has the unique ability to seal darkness away. Because of that, the knights have to stab the Barg with their blades to cleanse the jaki (dark energy) from their weapons. Unfortunately, this method of sealing is barbaric as it treats the creature as a tool, not a living being. The creature is watched over by other shadow knights to keep it contained while handling other missions.

For missions, Taishi organizes his group into teams. The senior disciples act as squad leaders over the lesser trained. The shadow knights have no oversight and are given relatively full autonomy over their activities. With Taishi at the helm, it was presumed he can manage a whole division, regulating themselves without oversight. Taishi often has his trusted seniors handle the missions while he goes out on his own, only coming back from time-to-time to check in on their progress. Unlike other knights, the shadow knights rarely answer directly to the watch dogs. Taishi is usually the one taking orders from a watch dog and command his squads accordingly to complete their mission(s).

After the discovery of Taishi's treachery, the fate of the group remains unknown. With Eiji jailed for releasing Eyrith, Crow took over leadership of the shadow knights from his master. Overall, the shadow knights remain mysterious and not all of their methods of doing things are fully defined.


Early Days[]

The origins and creation of the Shadow Knights was never explained; it's unknown how long they have existed. However, through observation, they have existed at least for several decades as Eiji Busujima has been a Makai Knight longer than Kouga Saejima. In between their operations, Eiji learned about Mayuri in one of his missions. After Eiji's lover died, Priestess Akari, he took advantage of his knowledge of Mayuri and attempted to transfer Akari's soul over to Mayuri's internal darkness vault and attempt to resurrect her. He learned that the legendary horror, Eyrith, has the power to bring back the dead and he intends to unleash Eyrith in attempts to bring Akari back.

The Makai Flower[]

In the events of The Makai Flower, Eiji secretly destroyed the Ady Slab, releasing all the Horrors and Eyrith. Taking advantage of his position as leader, he would monitor the situation as it develops and act when he needs to. Crow was assigned to help Raiga in his mission to seal all the escaped horrors and Eyrith before she could bloom. Eiji would get information between Crow and the Makai Order to be appraised of the situation. He would assign his senior knights to continue performing their duties while he continues his quest to bring back Akari.

At the secret lair of the Shadow Knights, five knights are preparing the Moonlight Ritual, a ritual that purify their Makai Blades with the Barg. While preparing the ritual, a young rookie knight got too curious and took a peek inside the well. His drop of sweat was enough to set off the Barg and it escaped, killing three of the knights. Gento and Shizuru survived the attack, but were injured. Crow wanted to introduce Raiga and Mayuri to his clan, but they found the knights killed and injured in the Barg's escape. As Gento went to hunt down the Barg, Shizuru was with Mayuri when the Barg appeared. The Barg killed Shizuru and took Mayuri away. The beast didn't hurt Mayuri and she sensed a certain degree of kinship with the beast as she realized they're both tools.

Raiga, Crow, and Gento found Mayuri and the Barg during the night. The trio originally planned to rescue Mayuri, but she took in their way, defending the beast. Mayuri knows the Barg hasn't have much time to live and suggested to let the beast die. However, Gento wouldn't have it and made it clear he'll take out the both of them if necessary. This didn't sit will with Raiga and he clashed with Gento. The Barg took advantage of the commotion and escaped with Mayuri. Crow gave chase and fought with the beast mid-air. Back on the ground, Mayuri offered a means to give the Barg peace. She opened her container as a solution for the beast, but Olva warned Crow that her actions will get her killed. Raiga intervened and with the help of Crow and Gento, the Barg was restrained long enough for Garo to slay the beast. In the aftermath, the group buried the fallen and observed them in the morning. Gento apologized for his rude actions against Raiga and Mayuri. When Mayuri wondered why the Barg had to be slayed, Raiga explained the Barg could become a demon and it was better to destroy it. Mayuri believed that was a possibility for her as well, but Raiga assured her he won't let that happen to her.

After Raiga and his team sealed all the Ady Slab Horrors and only had one left, it also meant that final horror will contain Eyrith. Eiji revealed himself and took both the horror and Mayuri in attempt to complete his mad quest to bring back Akari. Eiji managed to extract Eyrith from the horror and struck a deal to resurrect Akari after she blooms. Raiga and Crow intervened, with Raiga facing Eiji in combat and Crow attempting to save Mayuri from being possessed by Eyrith. Eiji finally came to his senses while battling Raiga while Eyrith possessed Crow's body. Eyrith broke her word and destroyed Akari's cloned body and flew to a nearby lake to bloom while Garo gave chase.

At the lake, Eyrith released Crow and bloomed at the lake. Mayuri couldn't seal Eyrith as the central orb within Eyrith's plant body protects her from getting sealed. Garo battled Eyrith and but Eyrith captured Raigai and accelerated his time limit, forcing him to become a lost soul beast. Both Crow and Giru teamed up to save Raiga in his corruptive state, but couldn't stop him. However, through bell ring of his charm, it had a purifying effect of light and brought Raiga to his senses. Both shadow knights were surprised Raiga could surpass the Heart of Destruction and became Luminous Beast Garo to defeat Eyrith.

Makai Tales[]

In the aftermath of The Makai Flower, Eiji was arrested and jailed for his crimes against the Makai Order. Crow was given leadership over the Shadow Knights, but it's unclear is it a temporary position or a permanent one.

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Notes & Trivia[]

  • Reflecting their modus operandi (moving in shadows), Titled Armors belonged to Phantom Makai Knights are deliberately designed not to be not as ornate as the others, but nevertheless more intricate than Hagane Armors so they won't be too conspicuous in darkened environments.
  • According to Keita Amemiya (via his Twitter) in a possible sequel to Makai no Hana, Crow would have a fellow Shadow Knight named Eiga (影牙エイガ, Shadow Fang) as a subordinate.

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