Phosphorus Arrow
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Phosphorus Arrow True Form
Type: Specialized Makai Equipment
Usage: Restoring barrier between Makai Realm and Human Realm

The Phosphorus Arrow (鷹麟の矢, Ōrin no Ya) is a double-ended short blade used for the Demon Suppression Ceremony in Demon Beast of the White Night.

Description & Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Although called an arrow, it's actually a powerful spiritual spear. In its dormant form, it appears as a double-bladed short sword. Made from the feathers of the Phosphorus Bird (鷹麟鳥, Ōrinchō), the arrow is guarded by the priests and knights of Kantai. During the solar eclipse, the arrow must be shot into the barrier, separating the world of the Horrors and the world of humans, to prevent darkness from entering the human world. However, if the arrow draws blood during that event, darkness could overcome the land. In the past, Legules wanted to take advantage of the eclipse and bring darkness to the world. However, the arrow was used to destroy the barrier and bring light to the world. Over time, it became a routine custom called the Demon Suppression Ceremony. Not many realize just how important and consequential the ceremony can become if something would to go wrong. With Legules defeated by Garo, it is unclear is the arrow still needed.

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