The Phosphorus Arrow (鷹麟の矢, Ōrin no Ya) or Ōrin's Arrow, is a double-ended short blade used for the Demon Suppression Ceremony in Beast of the Demon Night.

Description & Characteristics[]

The Phosphorus (or Ōrin) Arrow was crafted by Makai Priests in response to the threat of ancient demon beast Legules and the White Night Event. White Night itself is a moniker for a solar eclipse that happens near the Kantai region. When the eclipse happens, it has the unique ability to form a barrier (or gateway) to the Makai Realm. Centuries in the past, Legules raised an army and invaded the Mortal Realm through that barrier; the Makai Order managed to defeat Legules and sent him back to the makai realm. To prevent another Horror invasion, the arrow was made to prevent that barrier from opening. Eventually, it evolved into a custom called the Demon Suppression Ceremony.

Although called an arrow, it's actually a powerful spear that holds great spiritual energy. In its dormant form, it appears as a double-bladed short sword. Made from the feathers of Ourin (鷹麟鳥, Ōrinchō, lit. "Phosphorus Bird"), the arrow is guarded by the priests and knights of Kantai, including Dan the Midnight Sun Knight. The arrow is charged with spiritual energy and that same energy is used to bring out its true form and destroy the barrier. If the energy from within has weakened, it can't be used for the ceremony; it must be recharged by a priest first.

During the solar eclipse, the barrier will reveal itself and the arrow must be activated to destroy the veil. It was warned in the makai tomes that human blood can't be drawn by the arrow during the event or it will lead the world into darkness. The exact reasons aren't clear, but the arrow's powers are apparently affected by a human sacrifice; the ceremony will be ruined and horrors can travel through the barrier. Because the ceremony has been successful for several generations without complication, not many realize just how important and consequential the ceremony can become if something would to go wrong.


Beast of the Demon Night[]

Ancient demon beast Legules has returned to the Mortal Realm to anticipate the white night eclipse. He intends to raise his army and invade Kantai before the white night eclipse. He plans to take the Phosphorus Arrow and ruin the Demon Suppression Ceremony so he can bring forth his horror army to plunge the world into darkness.



  • Appearance-wise, Phosphorus Arrow's true form greatly resembles Seven-Branched Sword (though it has 8 branches in total).


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