Picture Book (絵本, Ehon) is the first episode of the midnight tokusatsu series GARO and the first episode of the franchise overall.

It features the debut of Kouga. Kaoru and Zaruba to the story.


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The story opens on Tasuke Taniyama examining the paintings in the storage of his gallery. Upon investigating the sound of a woman giggling, he finds a beautiful painting of a naked woman, which comes to life, possessing his body. The painting was in fact, an Inga Gate from which Anglay, a Horror born from the lust for beautiful women revived by inner darkness within Tasuke's heart and subsequently merged with the latter.

Kaoru Mitsuki wakes up from a dream involving her being saved by a golden knight as a child, before going to the Art Gallery. While she is hanging up posters in the gallery Tasuke Taniyama, now one with Anglay, attempts to drag her into the storage room. After having a sudden vision of a Horror, Kaoru hurriedly leaves the gallery.

Afterwards, Kaoru recounts her dream to Karune Ryuzaki, her psychologist, in which she mentions a certain detail where the last page of her father's picture book is blank. Ryusaki proposes that her dream to be a symptom of anxiety.

Meanwhile, another woman, Mayu Tsukimoto speaks to Tasuke regarding the possibility of her work being displayed in the gallery, displeased to see someone else had placed theirs before hers. Tasuke agrees to discuss the matter with her before unexpectedly holding Mayu's shoulder tight, keeping her in place as her body painfully dissolves into paint-like liquid which flows in the air and into the man's mouth.

In the training room of Saejima Estate, the latest Golden Knight Garo Kouga Saejima, completes his training when his butler, Gonza Kurahashi, shows up with a red envelope containing Orders Documents. Setting it aflame with his Madō Lighter, Kouga sees it forming a riddle in Makai Language which he interprets as the emergence of a Horror threat before setting out.

Upon arriving at the museum referred by the riddle, Kouga's Madō Ring, Zaruba, senses a Horror somewhere in the building as expected. Searching the building, Kouga cross-paths with Kaoru and uses his Madō Lighter to verify whether she's a human. Confirming her to be a human, he lets her go, and she wastes no time to turn to Taisuke who shows up for help. With the misunderstanding awkwardly cleared up without revealing his purpose, Kouga offers to buy a painting in order to get Kaoru out of the room and even writes his address to her for a good measure.

Using the pretense of buying another painting to confirm that Taisuke has merged with a Horror, Kouga asks him a couple of questions before using his Lighter to examine him without warning once they entered the museum's storage. As expected, Taisuke's eye reacts by the its produced Madō Flame and he escapes the Golden Knight's grasp all while activating a barrier to magically put the whole building in a lockdown, trapping the oblivious Kaoru in the process. Zaruba recognizes the Horror who merged with Taisuke as Anglay, a revelation which disgusts Kouga owing to its taste for women. He then soundly defeats Red Knights conjured by Anglay out of bewitched paintings before confronting the latter just as he attempts to put Kaoru in a false sense of security.

Now exposed, Anglay grasps the young woman as his hostages before spitting globs of corrosive paints against Kouga. Seeing him avoiding the attacks, the Horror resorts to toss her towards him as a distraction only to be battered afterwards. In the subsequent brawl culminating to Kouga struck his opponent's throat with the pommel of Garoken, Anglay distances himself before tearing his host apart from the inside before recovering within one of nearby paintings. Undaunted, Kouga pulls out his Madō Lighter to examine the surrounding paintings before blows the produced Madō Flames against the one depicting a pile of skulls, exposing the enemy who soon assumes his Demon Beast Form.

After telling Kaoru to run, Kouga swirls his Garoken above his head, conjuring a halo which opens a portal from which Garo Armor equips him. The sight of his transformation bewildered Kaoru who resorted to hide due to Anglay's barrier, recognizing his armor set as the same one her father based on in his picture book as well as donned by the knight in her latest dream. In the ensuing climatic battle, Kouga soundly overpowers his opponent, forcing the latter to regress to his initial Inga form before delivering a final blow. However, being in close proximity, Kaoru gets showered in horror blood, prompting the transformed Kouga to confront her and even voice his consideration to cut her down too as per the law of the Makai Order. In her fright, Kaoru faints, prompting him to change his mind and carry her home instead.

Upon being asked by Zaruba, Kouga claims that he had a second thought about his decision and chose to use her as bait to attract and lure more Horrors to him instead, though the manner he says that indicated there's more than that. When she wakes up, she finds the knight standing next to her in her apartment. She is angered by his threat to kill her as well as ruining her big debut as an artist, only for Kouga to say he was serious about what he said about her painting earlier and that he wants to buy it before leaving. As Kouga departed with her painting and apparently forgot to pay her, the astonished Kaoru narrates her encounter with the Golden Knight who appeared in her dream and the warrior in her father's picture book based on marks the beginning of his new legend, which means it won't be the last time she saw him...



  • Kouga Saejima (冴島 鋼牙, Saejima Kōga): Hiroki Konishi (小西 大樹, Konishi Hiroki)
  • Kaoru Mitsuki (御月 カオル, Mitsuki Kaoru): Mika Hijii (肘井 美佳, Hijii Mika)
  • Madō Ring Zaruba (魔導輪 ザルバ, Madōrin Zaruba, Voice): Hironobu Kageyama (影山 ヒロノブ, Kageyama Hironobu)
  • Gonza Kurahashi (倉橋 ゴンザ, Kurahashi Gonza): Yukijirō Hotaru (螢 雪次朗, Hotaru Yukijirō)
  • Karune Ryūzaki (龍崎 駈音, Ryūzaki Karune): Masaki Kyomoto (京本 政樹, Kyōmoto Masaki)

Guest Cast[]

  • Anglay (アングレイ)/Tasuke Taniyama (谷山太輔, Taniyama Taisuke): Tōru Minegishi (峰岸 徹, Minegishi Tôru)
  • Woman in the Painting: Emi Kitagawa (北川絵美, Kitagawa Emi)
  • Kaoru Mitsuki (御月 カオル, Mitsuki Kaoru) (4 Years Old): Kanami Katsuchi (金海勝地, Katsuchi Kanami)
  • Mayu Tsukimoto (月本 マユ, Tsukimoto Mayu): Mika Kojima (ミカの人, Kojima Mika)

Suit Actors[]


  • The scene where Kouga equips his armor and walks toward Anglay is paid homage to in the first episode of The Makai Flower, Fossil, when Kouga's son Raiga dons the armor.


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