Queen was a former Makai Alchemist that became a Horror in order to serve the King of El Dorado.

Personality & Character

Queen was once a Makai Alchemist before her fall into darkness and becoming a Horror. After being swayed by King, she become one of his most trusted followers and acted as the secretary of the GarEden Corporation in order to guide Martin Hennes, the chosen vessel for King. While most Horrors followed King because of his control over them, Queen held absolute loyalty and devotion towards him, feverishly vowing to destroy anyone who dared to challenge his will or sully his image and seeing no one as worthy enough to even stand in his presence. As such, she despised Sophie despite King's orders to retrieve her because she caused him too much "trouble". She also displayed a great deal of confidence to the point of arrogance, as she wanted everything to go according to her master's wishes and was annoyed by Bishop's more laid-back attitude and Knight's constant need to battle against Garo. As a high-ranking Horror, she was a formidable adversary, even for the highly trained Makai Alchemists Gina and Luke, as well as current Garo, Sword.

Skills & Abilities

  • Chlorokinesis: Queen was able to control carnivorous Makai plants, which she used to snare and consume her enemies.
  • Acrobatics & Combat: She was also incredibly dexterous and highly skilled in gymnastics, able to fight with her feet just as well as her hands, possessing talon-like appendages where normal feet would be, which also enabled her to swiftly evade attacks and perform incredible feats on ease.
  • Summoning: In addition to summoning plants from Makai, she could also summon giant worm-like Horrors.
  • Demon Beast Form: After nearly being killed by the combined forces of Gina and Luke, Bishop revitalised Queen's body which allowd her to access her more powerful, Demon Beast Form. It's ambiguous whether she had the form all along or after being revitalized and upgraded by Bishop (the former is implied to be the case), but in either way, her Demon Beast form increased her overall fighting abilities as well as enabled her to levitate, making her a formidable combatant.

Tools & Equipment

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Notes & Trivia

  • Queen borrows some design and aesthetics from the Horror Karma from Red Requiem; the appearance of her human form to the use of her own terrain to ensnare and combat enemies.