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The Legendary Demon Castle Radan (伝説の魔城・ラダン, Densetsu no Majō Radan) is a mobile battle fortress and castle compressed into a small purple crystal in Gold Storm Flight. Its origins are unknown, but it is a highly coveted item by dark forces as it's an immortal object, capable of increasing the powers of the user. Radan was sealed away by the Hōken Sword, but was recently unsealed by the dark couple, Jinga and Amily.

Description & Characteristics[]

Radan is a dark enchanted castle that has been sealed away for centuries by the Hōken Sword. In its sealed form, it resembles a purple crystal, almost a scabbard for the sword. However, when unsealed, the crystal takes days for it to bring itself to full power for actual activation. However, if the user has the power to infuse additional energies to the crystal, the user can hasten the revival of the castle by several days ahead of expected time.

When activated, the crystal expands until a giant floating version of itself. However, once the user takes hold of the throne and claims its power, the crystal will transform itself into a dark cathedral at first; once a powerful source of magic is joined with the castle, it will take on its final form, a giant robotic battle fortress.

So saturated in dark energies that Zaruba remarked Radan reads off like a Horror, but the origins of its creation was never mentioned; it's not clear was it made by a dark priest or influenced by other forces. The castle is technically indestructible. Despite whatever damage inflicted upon it, the castle can be reformed like new; the only way to defeat such a machine of destruction is its power source.

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