Madou Horse Raigō (魔導馬 雷剛まどうば らいごう, Madōba Raigō, Thunderous Strength) is a corrupted Madō Horse belongs to Kiba which only appeared in KIBA: Dark Knight Side Story.


As the Kiba Armor was originally a titleless Makai Armor (suggestively a Steel armor), Raigō' origins was shrouded in mystery. It's implied during his dark journey (after corrupting his armor with his darkness per Messiah's instruction) that Barago managed to create Raigō to counter Garo's Gōten. Not surprisingly, it shares similar powers and abilities to the latter, such as interdimensional traveling and enhancing the power of Kiba's sword. In Raigō's case, it transforms Kiba's Kokuenken (黒炎剣, Black Flame Sword) into Enma Zankōken (閻魔斬光剣, Enma Light-Cleaving Sword), rivaling Garo's Garōzanbaken (Fanged-Wolf Horse-Slaying Sword).

The fate of Raigō is unknown after Kiba's destruction. It is questioned can Raigō be summoned as the only on-screen instance of the Madōba summoned was during Barago's duel against his inner-light that manifested as Garo (his former ambition) in the "True Makai", Barago's inner underworld. Suggestively, Raigō can be summoned like its golden counterpart, though Kiba chose not to as it was not needed. Regardless, with Kiba's demise, Raigō was left inactive and never reactivated again.


Dark Knight Side Story[]

Raigō is summoned by Barago in the fight against his inner light (his former dream to be the next Golden Knights) at his inner underworld that takes the appearance of Garo manifested by Bado's spell. Both knights and their steed battle an epic fight, which culminated to Kiba knocked Garo off Gōten and devoured by a massive dragon-like demon beast that represented Barago's inner darkness.

After the fight, Raigō is no longer seen afterwards.




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