Princess Katsurako
Raijū Madōgu

Raijū is a golden lion Horror that was originally Abe no Shidamaru's wife and Seimei's mother, the Princess Katsurako. Instead of being destroyed, Raijū is later sealed by Seimei within a large chariot-like Madōgu.


Early HistoryEdit

Unable to destroy Horrors, Katsurako sacrified her humanity by sealing countless Horrors inside her body and asked her husband to kill her. Not wanting to let her go alone, Shidamaru used his life to create a crystal-like cocoon to seal her and be with her for eternity.

Crimson MoonEdit

As Ashiya Dōman began unearthing sealed Horrors because of their power, Dōman used a Grou Dragon to break Raijū's seal. When the seal was weakened, Raijū manifested itself as a disembodied spirit that possessed Tachibana Masamune and caused damages in Abe no Haruaki's house. After Haruaki managed to restrain Masamune and lockdown the place, Raijū's spirit unsuccessfully tried to get in while calling "Kiyome". This incident caught Seimei's attention, who then went to her parents' resting place, only to find Dōman trying to completely break the seal. As Dōman expected, Seimei was willing to break the seal herself. But to his surprise, Seimei transformed it into a Madōgu shortly after releasing it. When Raikou struggled to fight against the Grou Dragon, Seimei told him to get on the Raijū chariot and use it to destroy the Grou Dragon.

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  • Raijū seems to be utilized as predecessor of Gōten in this era, as it transforms the Garoken into the Zanbaken when Garo rides it.


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