Raizon(ライゾン, Raizon) is an animal type of Horror that primarily feeds on children.


Kouga Era

During Kouga Saejima's training under Wataru Shijima as a child, he was forced to watch a Raizon devour most of the friends he made during his training under Wataru Shijima. In the present day, Kouga crosses paths with the Raizon and avenges his friends' deaths by slaying Raizon personally.

Ryuga Era

Another Raizon terrorized a village that developed a custom of child sacrifice so the Horror would leave them along. The Raizon fed on the village's offerings until Jinga Mikage and his wife Amily slew it. But that event played in their own descent to darkness when villagers, believing Raizon to be too much for the Makai Knight and his wife, killed Yuuto to serve as an offering in place of one of their own.


  • The second Horror to appear in two series entries.