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Rebirth is the tenth episode of GARO: Vanishing Line, released on December 8, 2017.


Luke stands in the rain amidst the ruins of destroyed skyscrapers while recalling his confrontation with Knight. In the ruins, firefighters help rescue the injured civilians and uplift paranoid people, who thought the destruction was due to a terrorist attack. At night, Luke gets frustrated and trashes his apartment, Meifang comes and bandages the still-healing cuts of Luke. A couple is then shown running away from two horrors, fortunately Luke kills the horrors from a long-distance. At dawn, a firefighter impatiently requests for help because a child is trapped under the debris. The firefighter then asks for a nearby stranger to help, but the stranger starts asking questions about the girl before revealing his Horror form and trying to eat the firefighter. The horror is shot down by Luke, who then proceeds to help rescue the girl by using a street sign to raise the debris. The firefighter starts crying because the girl is not moving, but his superior arrives and tells him to not to give up. The superior then performs CPR and effectively resuscitates the girl. At Feilong’s restaurant, Luke has a talk with Feilong, but he tells him that he came to the wrong place if he was looking for advice. People gather around the memorial of the people who died during the city’s destruction, with police patrolling and announcing a memorial ceremony held tomorrow at noon. At the Diner, Chiaki thanks Luke for his patronage and tells him that they will soon have him leave towards El Dorado. While packing up, Luke recalls his first Horror hunt and the night his father stepped off into darkness and killed his mother. At the memorial ceremony, Luke sees the same firefighter from the other day crying over his superior, who died valiantly trying to save people from a collapsing building. But the girl they saved came and thanked him, causing the firefighte to burst into tears. After seeing that, Luke is reminded of his mother’s dying words: that strength is not for yourself, but for others. Luke then entrusts the safety of the city to Feilong before setting foot towards El Dorado.

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