Reverter of Time (リバートラの刻, Ribātora no Toki) is a healing potion featured in GARO and Fang of God.


Original Series[]

Reverter of Time is a healing potion used to treat to moderate injuries such as large cuts. The potion is ingested by the injured party, who then applies Madō Flames to the wound, which heals it completely. Despite proving to be miraculous in treating injuries, it is incapable of treating major ones. It's unclear if it can help cure the user from poison, but when Kouga Saejima used it, his hand suffered a poisoned cut across his palm from the Haja Dagger. Kouga was able to withstand the poison and used the potion to completely cure himself.


An iteration of Reverter of Time was featured as one of Takeru aka. Zen the Flame Sword Knight's arsenal were, as with in Original Series, being used to heal wounds. This variant, however, doesn't seem to require Madō Flames since he only needs to consume it to fully recover from injuries sustained from being beaten by a gang led by an unnamed man that has been possessed by Jagi. The reason of this may either due to not exposed to poison as strong as one in Haja Dagger or this version of the potion being stronger.



  • Though unconfirmed, the reason this healing drought being referred as such likely refers to its healing effect that looked as if time around the recipient's wounds mystically reset to the point prior to the accident that caused wounds in question.