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Ring is the fifth episode of GARO: Vanishing Line, released on November 3, 2017.


Chiaki was about to ask Sophie to leave as usual, but Sophie brings out money and buys a glass of juice, leaving Chiaki no choice but to let her stay since she is now a paying customer. Sword arrives to the Diner and before Sophie can talk to him, Gina approaches Sword and suddenly asks him: "Will you marry me?"

The three of them then go undercover as the Brown family to Lady Viola's masion, where top-class parents who don't care about their children leave them for Lady Viola to "educate". Gina explains that Lady Viola was an actress that did not stand out, but suddenly she raised to the top while her rivals were getting injured or became part of scandals. Gina also tells them that there are rumors that say that Lady Viola is using rings to control Horrors and do her binding.

While Lady Viola seduces Sword, Gina and Sophie search the rooms where the kids stayed and find the diary of one them. The diary states that the rumors about Lady Viola were true and that she used demons to eat the souls of the children, leaving them as mindless dolls. After reading this, they find a secret passage underground which leads them to a blood circle for a summoning ritual. Lady Viola then appears before them and uses her cats to attack, but Gina creates an explosion and reveals the truth. Lady Viola did indeed summon a Horror, but her rings were not authentic, causing the Horror to possess her instead. Lady Viola then changes into the Horror Surabhi and fights Sophie and Gina, but they stall long enough for Sword to come and slay Surabhi.