Rivera from Yami o Terasu Mono, is a two-faced Madō Horror who aided Tousei Kaneshiro in running Vol City.


Believing justice is something you create rather than protect, Rivera as Vol TV's newscaster who provides propaganda to hide Horror activity from the populace while promoting Vol City as a paradise. Having a taste for pretty women, Rivera devoured the lover of Yasuto Kazami a year earlier. In the present, working with Sonshi to label Ryuga a serial killer by tricking him into getting them the photographic evidence for manipulation, Rivera eats Kazami when he refuses to join their side. Rivera continued her anti-Ryuga campaign until she fell for the Makai Knight's trap to make it appear that she murdered him in cold blood on public television. As a result, with part of her tongue taken for a Madō Horror detection system, Rivera is forced to go into hiding while vowing revenge. Once Tousei becomes the new leader of the Kaneshiro Group, Rivera reveals herself and battles Aguri Kusugami in the ruins of the Makai Priest Village under Vol City.

Horror form

The backside of Rivera's Madou Horror Form

As a Madō Horror, Rivera assumes a two-faced Janus-like form where she resembles a china doll with an eyeless skeletal face on the back of her head. Due to her appearance, Rivera can bend her limbs in multiple directions and twist her head. In both her Madō Horror and human forms, Rivera wields twin swords that are created from her ears.


  • Rivera is portrayed by Kumi Imura (井村 空美, Imura Kumi) who also played Rin Sakyou in Ryukendo.