Aboradura was an armored skeletal Horror that possessed the body of the Lord Rolando, the rival of the Count Albar Juste.

Personality and Character

Rolando was a famed knight who was well-known for being the only one who can match Albar Juste's skills. The growing envy towards his rival soon gave birth to Aboradura, who then possessed Rolando in exchange for greater combat skills. Rolando's fall and transformation into a Horror soon repeated on Albar Juste, resulting in both knights' rivalry taking a horrifying turn which prompted Isabelle to seal the both of them.

Skills & Abilities

In life, Rolando is a skillful knight whose prowess equaled that of his rival Albar Juste. Following his transformation into Horror, his abilities increased further, though not enough to surpass the corrupted Albar.

As Aboradura, Rolando possessed a skeletal body clad in a bulky armor, and outfitted with a clawed left gauntlet that could fire purple projectiles and use a built-in flail for melee combat.


Early History

The man known as Lord Rolando was once the Count Albar Juste's rival, a man who is said to never have been defeated in a joust, and the only person who gave Juste a draw. The tales of their knighthood were admired by many, and everyone knew that they fought and gave their love to Juste's young wife, Isabelle. But the untold part of the story was far darker; in order to become stronger than Juste, Rolando turned into a Horror. Juste subsequently turned into one to match Rolando's new strength. Both Horrors retained their hosts' personality and rivalry, as result they competed to see who consumed more humans. The two of them attacked nearby villages and drank the blood of the young girls there until they were discovered by Juste's wife. Upon finding out, Isabelle, secretly a Makai Alchemist, sealed Rolando in the castle walls, and used a seal on herself and her husband to seal him no one could ever find them.

Carved Seal of Flames

Still lingering in the castle walls, Aboradura provokes Gaspard into smashing the wall and freeing him. Rolando, now in Gaspard's body, meets with Albar again and fight over who gets to drink the blood of Gaspard's daughter, a surrogate for Isabelle. Rolando and Albar transform into Aboradura and Convexo respectively and were about to fight when Germán Luís and Alfonso San Valiante showed up. Aboradura's opponent was Germán, who fought him as Zoro and emerged victorious.

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  • In unofficial subtitles, Lord Rolando's name is romanized as "Lord Roland".


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