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Rozan (狼斬) is a Makai Knight and teacher during the events of Fang of God: JINGA.

Personality & Character

Rozan is a senior knight and a spear master within the Makai Order. An experienced veteran and a teacher, Rozan has trained several knights within his lifetime and was revered as "Taishi" (great teacher) within the Makai Order. Although middle-aged, Rozan was still a formidable knight and commands respect within the order. At the time, Rozan carried out the command of Watch Dog Kell, to investigate Jinga Mikage's miraculous power of exorcising the horrors out of human victims. Suspicious of Jinga's power, he sent his student, Shijo, to stay with Jinga and keep an eye on him. Unfortunately, Shijo was killed by Jinga and Rozan was determined to find Shijo's killer, highly suspecting Jinga's doing.

Much about Rozan is unknown. Other than his title as "Taishi," Rozan never revealed his armor nor his title. What is known is that he's a strict teacher that commands respect. With strong leadership capability, he can lead a team into battle against strong foes. Although a man in his 40s, his combat abilities are formidable against Jinga. He specializes in spear combat and mastered powerful single-strike blows for decisive victories. Unfortunately, despite all his skills, he was still no match for Jinga in mortal combat. Overall, Rozan was a great teacher and knight.

Skills & Abilities

  • Makai Knight Training: Rozan was a veteran Makai Knight of great skill being able to slay Horrors in a single strike without using his armor.
  • Deductive Reasoning: Rozan was capable to deduct that Jinga and his Makai Priest partner were the ones that slew a Horror by simply examining the place and the residue they left.


  • Makai Spear: Rozan wielded a spear of a similar design to Tsubasa's.
  • Madō Lighter: His mystic lighter used to discern if someone has by possessed by a Horror, it emits purple flames.



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