Roze (ローゼ, Rōze) is a steel-grey with crimson highlights Makai Armor that specializes in large jian combat. Whoever wields the armor will take the title of Roze the Shining Shadow Knight (影煌騎士・狼是, Eikō Kishi Roze, Wolf Justice).

This armor was shown in Fang of God: JINGA, where it was wielded by Jinga Mikage until his death, and it was cast aside by its wielder's past self.

Description & Characteristics[]

Roze is a steel-grey with crimson highlights Makai Armor which design and aesthetic resembled that of Jinga's Demon Beast Exoskeleton, particularly the helmet, though Roze's wolf motif is more evident. It features two horns like a demon and a mouth that does not expose fangs. As with other Makai Armors in Ryūga-verse series, the Roze armor was made from Zedom's seed-based Soul Metal and has a symbol on the solar plexus that acts as an emergency switch to disengage the armor in an emergency situation. Roze's fighting style specializes in rapid, aggressive attacks, but so far it yet to display any special gimmicks.

While there's yet to be confirmed whether Jinga's tainted sword and Roze's Makai Blade are the same sword, it's implied that the armor might have held a significant influence on Jinga's life prior to his fall into darkness and transformation into a powerful Horror.

Weapons & Equipment[]

  • Roze Ken: The Roze Ken (狼是剣, Wolf Justice Sword) is Makai Blade which takes type appearance of an ornate two handed jian (a type of chinese straight sword). In normal conditions, the sword takes the appearance of an average Jian with stylized scabbard and handle, which greatly resembles that of Jinga's tainted Makai Sword. With the sword, Jinga summons the armor by drawing two circle (up and down) around himself and then raise his left hand to take a unique pose. The top and bottom circles are joined to the middle of his body. After that, the Roze's armor parts came out from the circle in two directions, above the circle for the upper part of the body (only showed this part), while the lower circle for the lower body.
  • Alva: Jinga's ring-type Madōgu.

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  • Jinga Mikage's Magic Coat, Roze Ken, and Alva were recovered by Yoyu in the last episode.

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