Sadness is not abandon. Anger is not hatred. Affection is not fixation. Difference is not hostility. Gallantry is not arrogance. Life is not illusion. Death is not nothingness. Talent is not craftiness. Longing is not greed. Resistance is not frantic struggle. Adoration is not jealousy. And light is always alongside darkness.
Kaguya reciting the spell to seal Rudra.

Rudra is an ancient giant Horror of great power that resembles a female human with white clothing and faces on the palm of her 8 arms.


Long ago, Rudra was sealed by the Makai Order ages ago within the Crimson Moon. After Priest Dōma is betrayed by Ashiya Dōman, Rudra takes control of Seimei as a vessel to slowly awaken and start breaking the Crimson Moon's seal. Rudra fully awakens after a botched attempt to transfer its vessel from Seimei to Haruaki. It takes the form of a gigantic Horror with three faces on its head and 8 in its hands. It is immensely powerful, able to cast various forms of red-colored energy to kill humans. It is also able to draw others into its inner darkness by surrounding itself in a giant lotus. Rudra is defeated after Raikou assumes the Winged Battle Formation Garo to weaken it, allowing Kaguya and Seimei to seal it within the moon once more.



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