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Russell City (ラッセルシティ, Rasseru Shiti) is the district city of Garo in Vanishing Line.

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Russell City is a fictional city that's a combination of several real-life cities, including Tokyo, New York, and San Francisco. The city is one of the most diverse, largest, and richest cities on its continent. During Sword's road travels, it has revealed it is one of the most financially stable as every town and city has either fallen to rough economic times or doesn't come close to its resources, except for El Dorado. Although part of an overall larger network of cities, it seems to be an independent state and not part of any larger body of government like the United States. Despite being one of the largest cities, the Makai Order only had Garo protect the city against the strongest of Horrors while the rest is managed by a small network of Makai Alchemists.



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