Pazuzu (パズズ, Pazuzu) is a Inga Horror that uses scalpel-bladed tendrils from the back of his head to slice his prey. His host is a doctor named Ryōichi Tategami (立神 亮一, Tategami Ryōichi).


It's presumed Dr. Tategami aspired to improve his medical skills and become a miracle worker in the process as opposed of a mere talented doctor he originally was. Regardless of what motivated him, such aspiration unfortunately turned into an obsession which as bad as that of Pazuzu's previous host who may very well a doctor like him. Not surprisingly, the Horror Pazuzu eventually merged with him for he shared the same inner darkness as the latter.


Having appeared around Taiga's time as Garo, Pazuzu took over the body of a surgeon named Ryōichi Tategami. Taking advantage of his host's profession, Pazuzu turned Dr. Tategami into a miracle worker of a surgeon to feed on the euphoria-enriched blood of Tategami's patients. Explaining that his actions are no different to various methods humans used with certain animals, Pazuzu disembowels his victims to get the blood and leave the remains for his Horror minions who have possessed the medical staff. To ensure he could eat without interference, Pazuzu erects a barrier to put any Makai Knight at a disadvantage. Learning of Pazuzu, Kouga Saejima has trouble dealing with him until he uses Kaoru to remove the seals that power the barrier to regain the advantage and destroy all the Horrors in the hospital. Upon Pazuzu's last moments, he pleas to devour Kaoru as his last meal. Utterly repulsed by this idea, Garo delivers the final blow, thus ending his reign of terror.


  • Horror Powers: Pazuzu's powers revolve around medicine.
    • Miraculous Surgery: Through the use of his tendrils Pazuzu can save people from otherwise fatal illness.


  • Tipped Tendrils: Pazuzu's primary means of both feeding & combat are the multitude of tendrils that protrude from his head that are tipped by a variety of surgical tools such as scalpels, scissors & needles.
  • Spear: Pazuzu also wields a large cross spear to use in combat.




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  • He is named after the Babylonian demon Pazuzu who was made famous in popular culture as the demon in the 1971 novel & 1973 film The Exorcist.