Lady Ryūme is a Makai Priestess and guardian of Line City in the events of Gold Storm Flight.

Personality & Character

Ryūme is an old priestess that managed to bypass the ravages of time. So great is her magical powers that she managed to halt her natural aging process, granting her longevity and always appearing as a youthful woman in her 20s. As the guardian to Line City, it's the only district free of all dark influence. Using her magics, she single-handedly stopped all dark gateways from forming at Line City, making it Horror-free city. Unlike other guardians, she doesn't sit around to await progress reports on given missions. When deemed necessary, Ryūme would join in a mission and even fight against Horrors if needed to. Ryūme doesn't believe in sitting like an administrator; she would take part in missions if she chooses to increase the odds of success in her favor.

Despite being centuries old, she has a child-like personality and shows a loving attitude to those her serve under her. She also hasn't stopped training, always believing in taking her powers to greater heights, she continues to refine her magical abilities. As such, she is one of the most powerful of all priests in multiple generations. Due to her great reputation, she is highly respected among knights and priests alike. Overall, Ryūme is a powerful priest that commands love and respect.

Skills & Abilities

  • Makai Priestess Training: Ryūme is highly skilled in martial arts and magical combat. She has trained and refined her magical powers to the point she can't die of old age. With her magical powers, she can fly, create magical barriers, open certain dimensions, create various seals, and create powerful attack beams against enemy targets. She also has developed strong extrasensory abilities. She can sense darkness throughout her district and

Tools & Equipment

  • Madō Brush: ?.
  • Madō Scrolls: Ryūme has two large scrolls tied to the top of her head. While decorative, they're actually meant for combat. She utilizes a form of inscription magic, where the scrolls can be used to restrain and attack powerful targets.



Much of Ryūme's past are origins is unknown. It is known that she's one of the oldest and strongest priests of various ages due to her longevity. However, how she became that way was never explained.

Meeting D Ringo

Gold Storm Flight

Agō's Attack & Helping Ryūga

The Unsealing of Radan & Assisting Gald

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Notes & Trivia

  • Her name means 'Dragon's Eye'
  • Sakina Kuwae, previously portrayed Natsume Masaki in Gekiranger.

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