Ryunosuke Takamine was a former famous stage actor that was desperate return to his former glory days as a star actor and turned himself into a Horror to fulfill his ambitions.

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Ryunosuke was a man that loved the applause of the audience. After time robbed his youth and physicality to act, he became a janitor at a local theater. Although old and no longer relevant, he always remained close to the stage to hear the applause of the audience as well as wallowing in his former glory days. For him, nothing was greater than the stage and the loving attention he receives from the audience; because of it, he was willing side with darkness to have it all back.

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Ryunosuke is well known for his acting, able to move the crowds few ever could. After retiring, he became an experienced janitor.



Not much is known about Ryunosuke's early days. It was only known that he was a great stage actor of his time and those of his generation,like Gonza, still remembered him as a influential actor. It was never mentioned how, but he eventually faded into history and forgotten. Only a few people within the industry still remembers his name. He now resides in a local theater as the resident janitor, where he has the chance to observe plays behind the scenes. However, what he really wants is to return to the stage.

Return to The Stage & DeathEdit

A the theater, a new rendition of Sword of Arcite was in play. Jura, a famous Japanese singer, had taken the lead as Arcite. Unfortunately, to Ryunosuke's disgust, Jura was a horrible actor that only used his fame from his beloved musical fans to help support him through the stage. Ryunosuke was critical of Jura's performance, but was shooed away by the acting soldiers.

Back in the rear, while remembering his glory days, a Horror came forth from a make-up box and offered him his youth and vitality in exchange for the lives of humans. Not long, he too advantage of his new powers and forced Jura into a reenactment of Sword of Arcite, Ryunosuke (Arcite) versus Jura (Redorius). He successful defeated Jura and devoured him. The following day, he boldly made a stand to be Jura's replacement and was given a chance to lead the stage once again. Fame returned to him quickly as his acting proved to be superior quality. Unfortunately, it wouldn't last long after gaining the attention of the Makai order.

Eventually, Ryunosuke was forced to battle Kouga Saezima. Unable to defeat Kouga, Garo slayed him in his Horrow form and left. After his body was purified, the stage curtains fell on him for the last time as he vanished into thin air.

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