Kamaitachi was a Horror that possessed the body of Sanuki no Miyatsukomaro, the adoptive father of Princess Kaguya.


Early History

Miyatsukomaro used to be an old bamboo cutter living in the mountains, where he found Kaguya inside a bamboo stalk. As Kaguya grew up to be a beautiful lady, many aristocrats wanted her hand for marriage, so they each brought rare and expensive treasures in an attempt surpass each other's gifts. But the greed from obtaining these treasures corrupted him and his wife, turning both of them into Horrors.

Crimson Moon

One night, he attacked the carriage of one of Kaguya's suitors and stole the treasure he was carrying, attracting the attention of Raikou and his group before escaping. He then returned as Miyatsukomaro along with his wife to feign innocence and thanked Raikou for rescuing his daughter. When the fifth suitor snapped and attempted to commit murder-suicide with Kaguya, Kintoki stopped him and used his rods to reveal the Horror, but to his surprise it was Miyatsukomaro and his wife. In the end, he and his wife were slain by Raikou after donning the Garo armor, but their severed bodies combined together and formed the Horror Yamaoroshi.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Kamaitachi is based on the yōkai of the same name, and they share similar characteristics like having sickles for hands.


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