The Scorpion-like Horror was a large humanoid scorpion Horror that fought Gōki in the events of Ashura.


A large scorpion-like Horror fought Gōki in the middle of a forest, Gōki defeated the Horror and was about to slay it when he suddenly stops his attack after noticing a small flower. The Horror took advantage of this and stabbed Gōki, giving him a near fatal wound. The Horror was about to kill him off when suddenly Gōki is shielded by the aura of a large statue, forcing the Horror to retreat as Gōki passes out.

Sometime later, the scorpion-like Horror returns during one night and stalks Gōki from the woods. Gōki notices it and enters the woods to confront it as the people who saved him watch, a golden shine is then seen and Gōki emerges victorious.

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