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Scout is the seventh episode of GARO: Vanishing Line, released on November 17, 2017.


At the rooftop of a building, Pawn eats an unsuspecting woman named Melia Wild, who agreed on the terms of El Dorado and was ready to work for them. Luke and Sword discuss about people that are going missing, one of them left a message to his friend mentioning El Dorado. This causes Sword to storm out and orders Sophie not to follow him. Elsewhere, Knight is held at gunpoint by two thugs. Luke and Sword go to the house of the friend to investigate, later finding out that all the missing people were people who had few or no one at all to look for them and that they were people related to the internet. Meanwhile, Sophie looks into the net and finds out that a group of gamers also dissappeared, she also learns where the leader can be found at. She tries to sneak out from the orphanage, but is found out by Sister. However, she manages to escape when Sister turns around for a while. Shorty after Sophie escapes, Pawn presents himself to Sister. In a police station, an officer finds Knight looking at Sophie's file at the police archive. Sophie brings the information to Sword, who eventually goes with Luke to a warehouse. Luke and Sword find the hostages unconscious, but Sword suddenly notices that Sophie's address is marked in a map and quickly runs. Luke requests for help, but Chiaki turns him down saying they are in a situation right now, that something crazy is wandering around (The two thugs and a handful of police officers are shown murdered). Sister was about to tell the orphans about Pawn's paid fieldtrip, but Pawn rings the doorbell and when Sister opens the door, he tells him that they have to go now. Feeling something is wrong, Sister fights Pawn and tells Sophie to take the orphans to Mr. Brooks. Sophie returns to the orphanage and sees Pawn's Horror form picking up an impaled Sister. Pawn was about to hurt Sophie, but Knight appears and kills him. Sister holds Knight's leg and tells Sophie to run, causing him to fatally stab her. Knight then says that his master summons Sophie while spraying Sister's blood from his blade towards her. A newly traumatized Sophie was about to fall in schock, but Sword arrives and picks her up. Knight rhetorically asks "Garo huh?" when suddenly Luke shoots from a nearby rooftop. Knight cuts the bullet in two and causes an explosion behind him, Luke says that the Dark Knight finally appears.