Azdab is a fish-like Horror and one of the nine Ady Slate Horrors. Azdab possessed the body of a museum security guard named Sekiya after sensing the human's inner darkness from having murdered a man.

Personality & Character

Azdab enjoys freaking out his victims before devouring them. He often appears before a victim with a sudden freak show to disturb them, showing off his ability to warp his face and his affinity with fish. Although a show off, he's not particularly powerful nor bright. After being free more than a few days, he was instantly defeated by Garo and sealed by Mayuri Shidō.

Skills & Abilities

As a prankster, Azdab uses a combination of illusions and shapeshifting his water-like body to scare his potential prey. Once his prey is scared, Azdab conjures a swarm of piranha-like water droplets from his body to consume them. Despite having moderate skills, Azdab is not a good fighter.


Azdab is freed from the Ady Slate when a mysterious person destroyed the slate using a Madō Art technique. Upon being released, he possessed the body of a nearby security guard. From there, Azdab proceeded to scare his victims with his water-based body before manifesting a swarm of piranha-like water droplets to eat them alive. Eventually, Azdab is followed by Mayuri and attempts to scare her before being surprised by the girl's lack of response. Azdab is then attacked by Raiga Saejima and is easily killed by the Makai Knight, with his essence solidifying into a stone that Mayuri absorbs to seal the Horror.

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Notes & Trivia

  • In the series storyline, Azdab is the 1st of the Ady Slate Horrors to be captured, though he wasn't the carrier of Eyrith's seed.


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