Sena Kuon (空遠世那(クオンセナ)Kuon Sena) is one of the 100 players or "Knights" who participated in the titular game Versus Road, and the main protagonist of GARO: Versus Road. He ultimately is victorious in the game and proves himself worthy of the Garo armor, briefly becoming the new bearer of the title of Garo the Golden Knight.

Personality & Character

Sena is a young man with a strong sense of morality who doesn't condone any unnecessary violence, but will fight back if needed. He cares about his friend Hoshiai, reminding him not to waste his time too much at the arcade for the sake of his future.

After Hoshiai dies in the VR game, Sena becomes too emotional to a fault, refusing to fight anyone within the game and would try his best to stop the game, despite not having the means nor the know-how to do so. After being encouraged by Amou and after listening to the resolve of the few remaining players on why they continue fighting, Sena regains his own resolve and promises to clear the game for his dead friend and everyone else that lost their lives in Versus Road.

Skills & Abilities

  • Boxing Training: Kuon displayed remarkable skills in boxing, as shown when he took down formidable fighters and even armed ones. Due to his non-violent personality, he usually puts up a defensive stance and only goes offensive if he must.
  • Swordsmanship: When inside Garo Versus Road, he also makes use of the game's powerups to become a competent swordsman, either through the use of his item or through one of the swords provided to him by the game. Though he's nowhere near the level Shōsetsu Hagiri attained.

Tools & Equipment

  • VR Glasses: As one of the people chosen to participate in "Versus Road", he was delivered a pair of VR Glasses that allows him to join the game.
  • Holy Sword Deluxecalibur charm: A sword-like charm on a keychain with a blue gem in the sword on both sides that Kuon won alongside Hoshiai on their last try at a crane game that had the charm as a prize while both were still children. Kuon originally wore a variation with a red gem, but later wears the blue version in memory of Hoshiai.
  • Item: From Round 2 and onwards of Versus Road Death Game, Kuon is given an Item, a crystalline object that can turn into anything he wishes. Originally believing it was limited to turn into a weapon that complement the wielder's combat skills, Kuon later realized he can turn it into anything else he wishes. He typically turns his Item into a sword in the image of Deluxecalibur. Mirroring the sword's charm version in his possession, the sword originally had a red gem before becoming blue to match Hoshiai's version of the charm.


Before the Series

10 hours before the start of the series, Kuon came to rescue his friend Hoshiai from an angry man named Jun, whom Hoshiai beat in an arcade game prior. Not knowing that in their fight, an overseer from Versus Road had secretly observed them. After fending off Jun, Kuon and Hoshiai went out to eat and he tells Kuon about a mysterious "cool" game where the winner's wishes are granted. Although skeptical at first, Kuon later receives a text message from Hoshiai saying that he's in and Kuon himself receiving an invitation with a package soon after.

Round 1

Once inside Versus Road; Shuka, the game's guide, informs Kuon and the rest of the 99 players about the game's one and only objective: to survive and earn the title of the golden armor. Their first round consisted of an elimination round, surviving until half their numbers remained while being actively hunted by Horrors. He eventually finds Hoshiai and rescues him from Jun once again, who still held a grudge from earlier. After an intense fight with Jun, Kuon knocks him out and Jun is logged off the game.

As Kuon carried the injured Hoshiai back to the safe house he found, along with the survivors they found, he was forced to continue forward while leaving behind players who were begging for help. But as he was unable to completely leave them behind, he returned for them but upon his return; he was shocked to see that the first group of survivors had taken Hoshiai and Kouzuki hostage. With the counter at the 53 mark and the number of survivors that Kuon was bringing being 3, Kuon was told that this is what society looked like and that there wasn't any point on saving everyone. In the commotion a Horror sneaks up from behind and kills one of the survivors, meanwhile Amou kills a member of the Yakuza elsewhere, bringing the total count to 51. As the survivors were distracted by the new count, Hoshiai breaks free from his captor and runs towards Kuon. Kuon and the captor wrestle, and he takes it upon himself to beat the man so that the Horror doesn't target any of the other survivors. Although visibly troubled by his decision, he doesn't have choice but to follow through, holding back his punch at the very last second, realizing that he was unable to do it. As Kanata finishes off the other member of the Yakuza, bringing down the count to 50 and concluding the first round.

Round 2

At the start of Round 2, Kuon and the rest of the players witnessed as one of their fellow players asked to quit the game, something that he was allowed to after confirming with Shuka that once leaving, they can never return to this "world" again. Shuka then explains the objective of the second round and the option of use any items that the players desired. Hoshiai asks Kuon about what he thought of the warning earlier, but Kuon just dismisses as something to keep the players playing. The two of them then notice a player being ganged up by 3 other players for no other reason than enjoyment. Although Kuon takes a beating at first, he soon fights back and causes one of the attackers to fall off the rail. Kuon is able to save the attacker, causing him and his group to leave. However, since the Horrors would drop the keys to the exit whenever they devour a player, he couldn't stop the other players from attacking each other and force-feeding them so that they can escape. When he gets hold of a key, he tries to go for the exit but is stopped by a Horror who throws him around. Reaching for his Item, he desperately wishes for a key and it turns into one, reaching the goal just as the time expires.

Round 3

Before the start of the third round, Sena encounters Azami as she starts messing with his head, planting a seed of dissent in his mind about Hoshiai. Sena then confronts him during the third round as the players are outfitted with collars that self-destruct. When Hoshiai kills one of the players to save Sena, the two start to argue, especially after learning that they get killed in real-life if they lose the game. One of the Horrors then possesses Hoshiai, prompting Shuka to demand that one of the players cut him down. Sena volunteers to strike Hoshiai down but refuses at the last moment, prompting Hoshiai to use the self-destruct collar instead, committing suicide and clearing the round for the other players.

Round 4

Hoshiai's death left Sena emotionally broken as he tried to persuade the remaining players to not kill each other in the real world. His pleas, however, would fall on deaf ears as the other players' own convictions made sure that they would continue fighting. At the start of the fourth round, Sena refuses to fight anyone, still broken over the death of Hoshiai. When Ren Hyuga tries to attack him, Amou shields him and tells him that he shouldn't die yet in the game. After Kanata was possessed by the Maken, Sena witnesses Amou kill his own friend, seeing his conviction as Kanata dies happy in Amou's arms. After Ren himself was turned into an undead thrall, Sena picks up the Maken and cuts him down, with Hoshiai's pendant reacting, causing the Maken to kill Ren in a golden glow instead of it's usual darkness. After the round's conclusion, Kuon declared he didn't want anything from the game, not even being a hero or Garo, which apparently surprised Shuka.

Round 5 (Final Round)


Veil's completion and becoming Garo



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