Shōsetsu Hagiri (葉霧宵刹 Hagiri Shougetsu) was a former Makai Knight in-training, who turned to darkness after the Garo armor rejected him, and has obsessively tried to create a way to surpass Garo ever since. This ultimately culminated in researching Dark Metal to create Veil, a Dark Metal Armor of unimaginable destructive power. He is the acting main antagonist of GARO: Versus Road.

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  • Makai Knight Training: Having undergone brutal Makai Knight training at the Monastery, Higari was a very powerful Dark Knight standing far above the participants in his death game in both skill and strength.

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  • Dark Metal-infused sword: Originally an ordinary silvery sword he trained with and partook in the original trial to inherit Garo with, Azami infused it with Dark Metal from Garo after the armor rejected him, and he angrily killed his former superiors with it, destroying the cliff they were on and mountain behind them in the process. He later retrieved this now black sword and used it to destroy Shuka before she could reveal the full truth about Garo, torment Sena Kuon to turn him to darkness, and murders Amou Ryousuke with to further force Kuon into despair while proclaiming that Kuon can do nothing without any power. After Veil's completion, it transforms into the sword Veil uses and can separate it's blade into an energized whip to use while transformed.

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  • Although Hagiri's story is basically the retelling of Barago's (both resorted to claim alternatives to Garo Armor after failed to claim it),he is much more sympathetic as he was technically a victim to a controversial system of Makai Order, the same system he ultimately ruined.

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