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Shizuka is the deceased lover of Rei and the adopted daughter to Dōji Suzumura, the former Silver Knight in Chapter of The Black Wolf. Both Shizuka and Dōji were murdered by Barago for a shape-shifting potion and it jump-started Rei's quest for vengeance.

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Early Days[edit | edit source]

Little was explained about Shizuka's past. The former Silver Knight Doji adopted her along with Rei. Although exposed to the makai world, Shizuka was never trained in the ways of the Makai Order. Instead, she became the caretaker of Doji after he became ill. She and Ginga became engaged and planned to get married. Unfortunately, she was murdered by Barago. Facially scarred from his dark path to attain great power, Barago needed a shape-shifting potion from Doji and he slayed both Doji and Shizuka. In her final moments, Shizuka was kneeling and praying when Kiba impaled her. Rei collected her body and buried her along with Doji.

Chapter of the Black Wolf[edit | edit source]

By the time main events of the story happened, Shizuka has already been dead for some time. Rei swore vengeance for her death and suspect Garo responsible for his tragedies. Isn't wasn't until later that Rei figured out it was Barago's doing. Barago was in league with the corrupted Watch Dog Gulm and was trying to resurrect Messiah. During the battle to prevent Gulm from succeeding, Gulm took the form of Shizuka in attempt to distract him. However, Rei knew Shizuka well and she never calls him Zero and took her on. Gulm revealed herself as the impostor and the two fought. Zero eventually won the battle and saved the day. However, Shizuka's life and death continues to haunt Rei as he limited his bonds to avoid the pain of losing a loved again.

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