Leo performs Shooting Star of Light Arrow

Shooting Star of Light Arrow (光矢流星, Kōshi Ryūsei) is a powerful technique a Makai Knight can perform with Madō Brush.

Description & Characteristics

With Madō Brush at hand, the Knight turns it into a long arrow of pure magic while taking an aiming position with his Makai Blade acting as the substitute for the bow to launch the projectile with. The firepower of this technique proved strong enough to pierce through Magōryū Idea-infested Gyanon's durable shell, but the utilized brush burnt out as the result. This is one of powerful techniques every Makai Knight can master in the same vein with Blazing Armament regardless whether he is the titled one or not, yet least often to perform at the same time not only due to its damage potential effectively make it an equivalent to normal community's anti-tank weaponry, but also not everyone of them can afford several brushes just so they can repeatedly perform the technique.


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Notes & Trivia

  • Apparently, the technique can also be performed with ordinary brushes should they hold a significant emotional connection between the Knight and the person he holds most dear. Upon receiving one of Kaoru's brushes, his love's heartfelt support allows Kouga to ignite it into a mighty golden arrow that destroys Gyanon in one hit, vaporizing the legendary Horror within an explosion of light that can be seen from considerable distance.
    • Given to Garo's inherent quirk to turn other people's feelings of support and love into power however, only Kouga and other Golden Knights like him who can achieve such feat.

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