Shuka (朱伽(シュカ), Shuka) is a character in GARO: Versus Road.

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A woman who serves as the "navigator" for the "Knights", as she is the one explaining much about Versus Road and their current tasks. She lead the players with an emotionless character, hinting her to be sort of A.I.

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  • Unnamed item: A rectangular object that can turn into any item, Shuka uses it to transform into a handbell and sends the players to an abandoned boiler room for Round 2.


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After the 100 players or "knights" gathered inside Versus Road, she informs them about game's one and only objective: to summon the golden armor and to earn its title. Once she answered whatever doubts the players had, she signaled the start of Round 1. She appears again in Round 2 informing the players about their task and explaining the usage of "items", which can turn into any item that the user wishes for. She transforms her item into a handbell, and starts sending out players to the location of Round 2. When there was only 30 minutes left, she reminded the players about their time limit and periodically kept reminding them as the time diminished.

During the Round 3, it becomes increasingly apparent that she's not like what she seemed; when Taisuke inquired her about the fate of those who perished throughout the death game, she indifferently revealed their grisly fate and forced them to continue the deadly competition. This further exacerbated by her lack of emotion during Hoshiai's sacrifice and displayed total indifference when Kuon expressed his disillusionment over the game.

At the end of Round 4, Shuka reacts with surprise and curiosity when Kuon rejects the prize of Garo as well as the game they're playing. Shousetsu hints at her having "regained consciousness," implying she's under some sort of control.

Shuka is finally terminated when she tries and fails to warn Kuon about the true nature of Garo when he rejects killing Amou, done away with by Hagiri Shousetsu.


Hagiri Shousetsu: Shuka's increasing bewildered reactions to Kuon's hesitancy to kill does not go un-noticed by Hagiri, who implies she's either developing a heart or under a charm of some sort. Alas, this ends up mattering little as she's terminated by Shousetsu before she can reveal how Garo chooses its wielder.

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