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Sophie Heness
Voiced By:
  • Rie Kugimiya
  • Madeleine Morris
  • Alive
  • Waitress
  • High School Student
  • Makai Alchemist Trainee
  • Francis Hennes (Father|Deceased)
  • Olivia Hennes (Mother|Deceased)
  • Martin Hennes (Big Brother|KIA)
  • Smart Phone

Sophia "Sophie" Heness is an orphan living at the Catherine Home with Sister in Vanishing Line. She has been on a three year quest to find her missing elder brother, Martin Hennes. After meeting with Sword and exposure to the makai world, she's determined to become a Makai Alchemist.

Personality & Character[edit | edit source]

She's the younger sister to Martin. The two lost their parents and stayed together at the orphanage(s). However, Martin went missing and his disappearance is tied to El Dorado. Staying at the Catherine Home, the Sister of the orphanage looks after Sophie, teaching her martial arts and being her center of support. In her quest to find Martin, she got herself entangled in the makai world and Golden Knight Sword. While civilians exposed to Horrors have their memories erased; Sword realized Sophie's unusual connection to El Dorado and agreed to help her. Since then, Sophie has gotten herself deeply tied to the Makai Order based in Russell City. She has traveled with Sword for long distance missions, go undercover with Gina, and worked as a waitress inside the Chinese Restaurant with Meifang and Feilong. As her involvement gets deeper, agents of El Dorado has made it apparent that Sophie is a person of interest. This become apparent when Elder revealed to Sword that due to birth under peculiar star, Sophie hold the key to determine world's fate. The Makai Order is now protecting Sophie as she gets closer to the truth behind El Dorado.

After the El Dorado crisis is resolved, Luke reluctantly erases Sophie's memories of the entire ordeal, but she experiences vague flashes of memory over the next year and eventually her memories return fully because of the power of the charm Gina gave her. She quickly returns to the diner and finds Gina, declaring her intention to become a Makai Alchemist to protect people from having to suffer what she went through and one day reunite with Sword. Despite vowing to meet Sword again after she has become a qualified Makai Alchemist, she awkwardly meets Sword again after he emerges from the bathroom when she is about to leave the diner.

Skills & Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Cooking: Sophie learned about cooking while working inside the Chinese Restaurant; she's not up to expert level yet.
  • Martial Arts: Taught by Sister, Sophie knows a limited degree of mixed martial arts. She knows mix of Judo and Karate.
  • Access to Eldo Net: Thanks to her late brother, Sophie gained the access to use Eldo Net, allowing her to free souls of everyone trapped within and erase it for good, a feat she foretold to capable of as foretold by Elder thanks to being born under a peculiar star.
  • Makai Alchemist Training: After regaining her memories, Sophie joins Gina as her new protégé so as to ensure the grisly fate her brother along with those victimized by forces of darkness won't repeat itself in anyone else. Though she has yet to begin her training, Sophie may very well has the potential to become one of the most formidable Makai Alchemists related to circumstances that surrounded the birth which also foreshadowed her ability to access and eventually delete Eldo Net for good.

Tools & Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Smartphone: Sophie's cracked cell phone, she uses it to reach out to people in the internet to learn more about El Dorado

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  • Her seyiuu Rie Kugimiya and Martin's seiyuu Romi Park are previously voiced Elric brothers from Fullmetal Alchemist

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