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Akaza uses sounding plate

The Sounding Plate (鳴札, Narifuda) is a Makai Priests' madōgu used for magical illusionary techniques, communication, tracking, and enhanced flame techniques within the Original Series.

Description & Characteristics[]

A madōgu (magical tool) used for various purposes, the sounding plate can be used for casting illusions, provide long range communication, tracking targets, blood magic, and enhancing certain applications with madō flames. The full details of its make is unknown, but all sounding plates are made of similar construction. They are usually a small wooden magical tool, shaped like a small horseshoe or tune fork, with a rotatable plate at the center in makai script. Depending on the spell, the priest would either directly blow into the plate or focus a spell with their madō brush before applying it to the plate and spin it with the user's breath. Because the sounding plate is not fully defined, much about its use is based on observation.

In Red Requiem, Akaza used magical tags to create an illusionary army of warriors to divert attention away from Garo and scared off Kurusu and Shion. With a simple blow of the plate, Akaza dispelled the illusion. In the events of Makai Flash Knight, Leo used his plate as a means to extend communication and tracking. He used a combo of his brush, madō flames, and the plate to create long range communication with Garo. With a drop of his blood, using his brush, and blowing the plate, he was able to create a lure to trap his target for Garo to defeat. While attempting to find a series of dark influenced manholes, Leo blew into the plate to dispatch flying madō flames to locate all tainted objects and exorcised them.

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