"Spark"("Hibana" (火花)) Is the first episode of GARO: Makai Flash Knight.This episode is written by Itaru Era snd Keita Amemiya,the episode was released on October 6, 2011.

Story[edit | edit source]

After being promoted to the personal Makai Knight of the Senate for his vanquishing of the Apostle Horrors, Kouga Saezima is assigned the task to slay the Horror Cigarein. However, after destroying the Horror, Kouga is attacked by a mysterious figure in a red mask. Momentarily shrugging off the attack, Kouga returns to Saezima Estate where his butler Gonza Kurahashi greets him and tells him that Kaoru Mitsuki was there waiting for him. Retiring to his study, Kouga finds out that the masked man had marked him with the Seal of Destruction, giving him little time to live.

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