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Not to be confused with Sword (剣), the first episode of GARO: Gold Storm Flight.

Sword is the first episode of GARO: Vanishing Line, released on October 6, 2017.


The story begins with a fateful encounter between Sophie and Sword. Sophie is currently 13 years old and is desperate to find clues about her brother Martin, who went missing 3 years ago. She receives an e-invite from the fortune teller, Moon Wizard. When she found him, the two went into a divination session and he eerily knew about her situation. However, he revealed himself to be the demon beast Obsessian, a Horror with a particular taste for ginger girls and tries to eat Sophie. But Sword arrives to protect her from harm and Obsessian escapes, leaving Sword looking for a way to get him out of hiding. At the diner, Sophie has a quick crash course on the Makai world and Sword needs to use her as bait to lure Obsessian out. Although scared, Sword promises she won't be harmed and drew Obsessian out into open combat. In an explosive battle, Garo successfully defeats Obsessian and Sophie develops an immediate curiosity towards Sword as it is the first real clue she had about Martin after all this time.

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