Sygnusram-Tech was a bio-tech company that was destroyed in an explosion in Vanishing Line.

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Sygnusram was a company that specialized in research and development in linking the human mind with computers. At the time, their biggest project was developing a means to connect the human mind to a large virtual network, the base concept of Eldo Net. If completed, the project would've vastly increased the realism of the virtual world experience as the system would allow people to taste, smell, and feel in a virtual simulation. However, an ancient horror (of many names) calling himself King, took notice of Sygnusram's work and infiltrated the company to complete its development towards his own designs. The Makai Order caught wind of King and Makai Knights were sent to stop King's plans. King decided to self-destruct Sygnusram along with his research to throw his pursuers off, but he later resurfaced in El Dorado with the prototype intact. Knowing his project can't be finished without the ingenuity of man, he infiltrated the GarEden Corporation to complete the El Dorado Project.


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About 10 years before the main events of Vanishing Line, Sygnusram-Tech was research and developing advanced virtual technology. By studying how man and machine link, they wanted to created a better interface that allows people to experience the virtual world as if it was real. Unfortunately, the ancient Horror King, took notice of the project and infiltrated the company to take advantage of the technology for his own purposes. The Makai Order investigated into the matter and sent Makai Knights to stop King. The horror decided to scuttle Sygnusram, letting the order believe they stopped whatever was happening. However, the explosion also destroyed the adjacent building, Russell High School. Horrors devoured some of the students and victims, but Garo's little sister, Elizabeth Ragnvald, was killed in the explosion. When the coast was clear, King covertly resurfaced and took his El Dorado Prototype with him. He later infiltrated the GarEden Corporation and used the company's resources to help him complete the El Dorado Project. The Eldo Net is the surviving legacy of Sygnusram.

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