Tada no Shinbochi was the father of both Raikou and Yorinobu, and the head the Minamoto family.

Personality & Character

Shinbochi came from a lineage of Makai Knights, Garo's specifically, but he wasn't capable of donning the golden armor. Because of this, he had hoped to raise a child that would inherit it in his place. Shinbachi was also shown to greatly respect Makai tradition, as he opposed to Michinaga's desire of using the Makai Armor to wage war against man.


Early History

After Fujiwara no Michinaga found out about Shinbochi's aspiration, he was pressured into marrying one of the Fujiwara's princesses in order to bear a child so Michinaga take the power of the golden armor under his command. He objected explaining that the armor chose its owner and that he had already had a son, but Michinaga suggested killing his current son, therefore allowing a son from both families to inherit it instead.

He reluctantly obeyed and had Tsuna along with two other servants exile his son Yorimitsu and his mother under false pretenses, knowing that they wouldn't survive outside the city as it was plagued with bandits and Horrors. He would later order Tsuna to train the son conceived from both families, Minamoto no Yorinobu, so he can claim the armor.

Crimson Moon

When Tsuna brought back a severed arm from a Horror as a trophy, it manifested as multiple eyes around the house and then as an arm before attempting to choke Shinbochi, resulting in Yorinobu cutting down the arm. But during his delirious condition, Shinbochi lets out "Yorimitsu", causing Yorinobu to question the name as his own mother, Tsuna, and the other servants all look away.

Later, when Tsuna succumbed to his darkness and turned into Te No Me, Shinbochi died protecting his wife, Yorinobu's mother.