Te No Me was a Horror that possessed the body of Watanabe no Tsuna, one of the servants of the Minamoto family.

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Because Watanabe no Tsuna's master, Tada no Shinbochi, came from a lineage of Makai Knights, Tsuna had some knowledge regarding the Makai world and the skills needed to defeat a Horror. After his master's ambitions were discovered and was pressured into killing his first born son, Tsuna was ordered to exile the boy Raikou and his mother. But Tsuna was unable to cope with this, as he knew that they wouldn't survive in the outskirts, which is the darkness that allowed Te No Me to possess him. When he met up with Raikou again, he accused him of being a Horror and tried to kill him in an attempt to escape his guilt.


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When his master's aspiration of raising a son to inherit the Garo armor was discovered by Fujiwara no Michinaga, Michinaga pressured his master into killing his first son so that Michinaga can have the golden armor under his command. Shinbochi reluctantly obeyed Michinaga and had Tsuna along with two other servants exile his son Yorimitsu and his mother under false pretenses, knowing that they wouldn't survive outside the city as it was plagued with bandits and Horrors. Years later, Tsuna would start training the next son, Minamoto no Yorinobu, in order to inherit the Garo armor.

Crimson MoonEdit

While walking on a bridge at night, he was grabbed by a woman, who revealed the many eyes along her arm. He correctly identified her as a Horror due to the Minomoto family's long history as Makai Knights, and he cut down Te No Me while keeping her severed arm as a trophy, not knowing that he was possessed in reality. After returning to the family's household, Te No Me manifested as multiple eyes around the house and then as an arm before attempting to choke Shinbochi, resulting in Yorinobu cutting down the arm. But during his delirious fever, Shinbochi lets out "Yorimitsu", causing Yorinobu to question the name as his own mother, Tsuna, and the other servants all look away.

When Yorinobu brought Raikou to the house to exorcise the Horror, Tsuna immediately recognized Raikou as Yorimitsu, and accused Raikou of being a vengeful Horror as it was impossible for the boy to have survived. He started beating Raikou while he just took the beating, stating that he didn't hate his father nor the servants that had exiled him, frustrating Tsuna and causing him to swing his sword, before he is stopped by Kintoki. Kintoki then reveals that Tsuna was the real Horror, causing him to turn into a different Te No Me, and in the ensuring battle, killing his former master. Tsuna was finally cut down by the combined efforts of Raikou and Seimei.

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  • Te No Me was based on the Japanese yōkai "Tenome", a yōkai with eyes in its hands.


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