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Tekki is a chimera-type of Gōryū developed by Sigma Fudō in the events of Flash Knight.

Description & Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The Tekkis are a gōryū series made through a combination of magic and alchemy by Sigma Fudō. A chimera design, it is a cross between a humanoid and a flightless bird. The head has a demonic face with sharp teeth for aggressive biting. Inside its mouth, it has a retractable barbed mechanical tongue that can spring out to ensnare and/or stabbing enemies. Beneath its wings are a pair of arms ends with scythes to slash and/or stab enemies. Like a raptor, they are equipped with sharp talons on their feet. Although they have wings, they are similar to a chicken; it has limited flight capabilities. They primarily used to soften landings, aid in high jumps, and establish balance.

These units weren't designed to combat Horrors but to take on the Makai Order. Although clumsy-looking, it has a certain degree of intelligence and it's combat capabilities are enough to kill a Makai Knight. They possess durable armor that's resistant against magical and physical attacks, formidable power, speed, and agility that can rival Makai Knights. After the death of Sigma, there are still rogue units lurking about and the order has been searching the remnants of Sigma's creations to restore peace. Despite proving their formidable combat potential, the Makai Order didn't want to re-purpose them to serve on their side due to its malevolent origin compared to Leo's. Overall, the Tekkis are a testament of Sigma's mad genius.

History[edit | edit source]

Tekkis, alongside other Gōryū types, are developed by Fudō brothers in a project to help Makai Priests gain the edge of the war against Horrors without have to rely on Makai Knights. Whereas Leo's intentions to develop Gōryū were to benefit Makai Order, Sigma intended to use Gōryū to eradicate Makai Knight corps. and later, rebuild Makai Order with his own image. Hundreds of Tekkis can be seen deployed from Magōryū Idea when Sigma launched an assault at Makai Realm, though they eventually destroyed by combined efforts of Makai Knights.

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