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Tekki is a chimera-type of Gōryū developed by Sigma Fudō in the events of Makai Flash Knight.

Description & Characteristics[]

The Tekkis are a gōryū series made through a combination of magic and alchemy by Sigma Fudō. A chimera design, it is a cross between a humanoid and a flightless bird. The head has a demonic face with sharp teeth for aggressive biting. Inside its mouth, it has a retractable barbed mechanical tongue that can spring out to ensnare and/or stab its enemies. Under the right conditions, the Tekki can grab a victim with its tongue and tear the person apart. Beneath its wings are a pair of arms ends with scythes to slash and/or stab enemies. Like a raptor, they are equipped with sharp talons on their feet. Although they have wings, they are similar to a chicken; it has limited flight capabilities. They primarily used to soften landings, aid in high jumps, and establish balance.

These units weren't designed to combat Horrors but to take on the Makai Order. Although clumsy-looking, it has a certain degree of intelligence and its combat capabilities are enough to kill a Makai Knight. They possess durable armor that's resistant against magical and physical attacks, formidable power, speed, and agility that can rival Makai Knights. The purpose of it's tail is unclear, but it seems to be a part of its self-destruction system. If Sigma wills it, the Tekki can fold itself into a compact form and its tail would blink and sound off it's immmentent destruction. Nearby people have about 10 seconds to vacate the area before the Tekki can explode. It's explosive power is undefined, it seems to have enough explosive power to level a building.

After the death of Sigma, there are still rogue units lurking about and the order has been searching the remnants of Sigma's creations to restore peace. Despite proving their formidable combat potential, the Makai Order didn't want to re-purpose nor reverse-engineer them to serve on their side due to its malevolent origins. Overall, the tekkis are a testament of Sigma's mad genius.


Makai Flash Knight[]

In the events of Makai Flash Knight, Sigma was on a quest to destroy the Makai Knights and reform the Makai Order in his image. He managed to find the remains of Gyanon and developed a cursed arm that can manipulate the horror's blood. Using it as a tool, he gained advanced magical powers and alchemy to instantly create the Tekkis without the need to obtain and purify horror remains. With the wave of his hand, he created them to help him wipe out the knights.

The first known Tekki was discovered by Makai Knight Koori at the docks. With the help of Silver Knight Zero, Koori survived his encounter. Unfortunately, the Tekki injured Koori in combat. When he removed the shrapnel out of his shoulder, it was covered in his blood. The bloodied metal was close to the Tekki's head and it re-energized the unit. Using it's barbed tongue, it grabbed Koori and ripped him apart, killing him. Although Zero tried to give chase, the unit escaped into the water. There was nothing left of Koori for Zero to recover and he left.

When Sigma stole the access key to the Madō Train, Garo gave chase and cornered him on a mountain side. To hold Kouga back, Sigma used his alchemy to create two Tekkis out of the mountain rock. With Kouga weakened from his cursed seal, the Tekkis seem poised to win when Leo stepped in as Lord. Angered this his brother would intervene again, Sigma set the Tekkis to self-destruct and they detonated. Lord shielded Kouga from the brunt of the explosion and Sigma escaped.

In the final events of Sigma's mad campaign, he kidnapped Kouga and used the remains of the Madō Train to create Magōryū Idea. After Kouga escaped capture, all the knights focused on taking down Idea. When Gyanon awakened from Sigma's malice, she took over Idea's body as her own and controlled the gōryū as well. When they managed to disable it from walking, at least two Tekkis were released from Idea's body to resist the knights. Zero defeated the Tekkis in combat and the rest of the knights aided in Gyanon's defeat. With Gyanon defeated, Sigma escaped capture to face Kouga in a final battle that resulted his death. Although Sigma is dead, there are still Tekki units active on the field.

Makai Tales[]

In the aftermath of Makai Flash Knight, Sigma died after facing off Kouga Saejima (Golden Knight Garo). Although dead, his creations are still out there. As part of a test to see Yuna's worthiness in joining The Senate. Leo was tasked to observe Yuna to see how well she can fare against a rogue Tekki unit. Despite putting up a valiant fight, neither Yuna nor Cain was able to beat the unit and Leo had to intervene as Lord to take it out. Since victory wasn't a requirement, Leo invited Yuna to join the senate, but she declined as wished to explore a different path with Cain.

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