Tengu were Horrors that possessed the bodies of three unnamed unlawful onmyou users.


Due to the increased amount of curses placed at his mansion, Fujiwara no Michinaga ordered the imprisonment of every unlawful onmyou user, practitioners who made a living from creating curses, in an attempt to stop the attacks. The police arrested many of them and locked them up in a prison inside the palace. Among the prisoners, was Ashiya Dōman who let himself get captured in order to get hold of all the cursed objects that Michinaga has seized. Dōman reveals that the objects weren't actually cursed and that Michinaga had set all this up in order to frame his political enemies and order their execution. Although they weren't cursed, the objects still carried Michinaga's dark ambitions, thus they were able to become Inga Gates. When the prisoners were freed by Raikou, three of them became possessed by the Inga Horrors and became Tengu, killing the rest of the prisoners afterwards. The trio was eventually slain by Raikou after Seimei unlocked the Garo armor for him.

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