The Land of Guidance is a mysterious destination that Makai Alchemists take when they need direction in Vanishing Line. To gain entry, one must enter the hidden village of trials, Ferre Salé Dessimo, to gain approval to venture into it.

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The Land of Guidance is a mysterious mystical place that leads you where you need to go, however, it is a journey wrought with trials. The destination itself is unique as it's locked away from mortal contact most of the time. The land itself is an ancient temple ruin that is watched over by a guardian deity of great magical power, reserved for Makai Alchemists. The guardian that resides inside the temple is the true Land of Guidance and offers his limited wisdom and power to help the alchemist on their journey.

To gain access, the alchemist(s) must enter the hidden village of trials, Ferre Salé Dessimo. An alchemist village, it's a place only alchemists knows about, not even knights are allowed to enter. However, the village is governed by the Elder, a person who can make exceptions for non-alchemists for entry. Once there, the Elder would speak with the seeker(s) and if he approves, will prepare a ritual ceremony before transporting the alchemist to seek The Land of Guidance for direction. Upon observation, only one alchemist at a time is allowed to gain entry. The temple itself is closed away from normal space and only appears at night during a full moon; the seeker(s) have only a small window to enter before access is closed away for several weeks (moon rotation cycle).

Once at the site, the ancient temple will appear before the alchemist and must prove their strength and resolve before the guardian. The consequences of failure is not clarified, but it suggests death as the alchemist must face hoards of creatures in mortal combat. Once the alchemist defeats all challenges, the deity will appear before the alchemist, granting them a path. However, what the alchemist wants and what they need are different. The guardian can sense things about a person and may send the alchemist to a place not related to his (or her) quest, but a place that could help the alchemist become stronger before continuing on their journey (like Luke's side quest against a corrupted sealed knight). While an ally of the Makai Order, the guardian only advises and gives direction for an alchemist to increase their chances of victory, it will not directly interfere in their matters. The deity itself admits it is not omnipotent and has its own limitations in its power to help the alchemist. However, it will provide some degree of wisdom and warning about their chosen path before letting them depart on their journey. Overall, the Land of Guidance is a dangerous path for those that seek answers.


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