Unonbera was a Horror taking the form of a movie theater, this Horror showed whoever is sitting in the seat L-13 a vivid, happy, and potentially modified ideal memory of their past before taking them to a fleshy room and consuming them at the peak of their contentment.


One night, a young lady starts crying while watching a comedy film with her friend. As the movie plays the end credits, her friend notices her absence. The same thing happens the next night, this time with Unonbera eating a young lady who wanted to see her father. Luke buys a ticket and watches the movie in order to find the Horror, but has no luck. Luke tries again, but this time while sitting in the seat L-13, resulting on Unonbera showing him his childhood. Luke almost falls victim to its illusions, but Sword is able to snap him out of it and they slay the Horror together.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The people who worked in the cinema were normal humans and not Horror familiars.