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Utopia is the 20th episode of GARO: Vanishing Line, released on March 2, 2018.


Inside the true El Dorado, Martin reveals to Sophie that it is a world he created as an utopia. Elsewhere, Sword questions the authenticity of the Lizzy in front of him, but she acknowledges she cannot prove she is the real Lizzy and tells him she's only there to supply him with information. Meanwhile in the outside, Luke carries Sword's unconscious body to a hallway where he encounters Gina. Martin presents Queen as his secretary to Sophie, not knowing that she is a Horror and that she has already met Sophie before. Since a person retains their senses inside El Dorado, Martin creates a vending machine that creates an ice cream for Sophie. While the people inside of El Dorado congratulates Martin for bringing Sophie and for the near completion of the true El Dorado, Sophie discovers that her brother is the the King of El Dorado that has caused her so much pain. Back at Lizzy's place, Lizzy tells Sword that the people there are actually the souls of people who have died and have been captured. She explains that an ancient Horror infiltrated Cygnusram-Tech after learning of their brain research and completed the theory of Eldo Net, however his plan was discovered by the Makai Knights. After a fierce battle with them, the Horror self-destructed the facility and unbeknownst to everyone, he survived along with the prototype of Eldo Net. Suddenly the people outside turn into mechanical spiders and attack them. Lizzy then asks Sword to save Sophie and destroy El Dorado. Meanwhile, Sophie reveals Martin that it has already been three years since he disappeared and not half a year like he thought and that the outside city of El Dorado is run by Horrors. Unaware that thousands died as result of El Dorado, Martin dismisses Sophie's warnings as brainwashing from a rival corporation. After successfully escaping from the horde of Horrors, Lizzy asks Sword to destroy the Horror and free all the souls inside the true El Dorado. While Martin tells Sophie how much people have joined the true El Dorado since the Alpha testing, Lizzy successfully appears and grabs hold of Sophie while Sword is descending towards them. Queen appears and attacks Sword until she restraints him, but Lizzy comes and sends Sword back to the real world. After Sophie sees Martin's demonic shadow, she attempts to kill him by throwing both of them off the platform. Awakening in the real world, Sophie tries to strangle Martin, but he resists and they both fall from the stairs. Martin eventually sees the dead bodies of the sacrificed people while a tearful Sophie strangles her brother.

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