The VR-verse is an unofficial term to differentiate previous continuities of the series. (Original Series, Ryūga-verse, and Anime Series)

Universe Description

The interesting take of this universe is that Original Series appears to be an in-universe entertainment program and the basis of the titular game — Hoshiai Shouri plays arcade version of Golden Knight Garo, video game adaptation of GARO. Also, most of the events takes place in the first entry's titular death game which infested with Horrors appears as bio-mechanical demon beasts instead of traditional demons in previous iterations.


Notes & Trivia

  • VR-Verse series essentially deconstructed the franchise as whole for following reasons:
    • Monastery, the sole existing branch of Makai Order in this world, represented what the Order would become of it completely forsakes moral conscience along with whatever connection that it has with normal society, devolving into an inhumane organization doomed to destroy itself with or without forces of darkness' interference.
    • Unlike Chapter of the Black Wolf and Vanishing Line which civilian protagonists immediately given some form of protection/preparation by members of Makai Order (usually the Golden Knight Garo and co.), protagonists of Versus Road are ill-prepared and must improvise to face whatever challenges ahead.

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