Veil, the Dark Metal Armor is the ultimate goal of Azami Kadō and Shōsetsu Hagiri, created from Dark Metal that was generated by feeding the Inga and hate of the players forced to partake in the 100 Death Battle Game into the Garo armor. This armor first appears in Versus Road.


The first known Dark Metal Armor in modern day, Veil is a suit of armor with immense destructive power forged after the image of Makai Armor, particularly its counterpart Garo. It is primarily black in color, with a few gold and silver parts and details, multiple red gems of different size and shapes (diamond and round) at the helmet, chest, belt, and back; trailing tassets, and (mostly) purple and red meridian glows. The sword Veil carries also being black with glowing purple parts and a round red gem in the pommel.

While much of the Armor's proper capabilities are unknown, Hagiri's slow, calculating fighting style is reflected in Veil's towering size and slower walking speed compared to the Golden Knight.


  • Veil Sword: Once a basic Makai Blade shaped after Jian for Monastery's death competition, it had since reforged with Dark Metal to be linked with its namesake armor. Designed as the jagged complement to Garoken, it has the ability to spread apart into retractable, segmented whip that can be swung around to damage nearby surroundings or disarm a target. The Dark Metal Sword is much more fragile in its whip state however, as sufficient force can shatter it outright.


The Veil Armor was the culmination of the raw, negative emotions-based Inga extracted from the Players of Shōsetsu Hagiri and Azami Kadō's 100 Death Battle game.

Using Azami's innate ability to control Dark Metal, the expelled Inga of the Players forced to fight was contained within the Garo Armor and slowly fused together into this Dark Metal Armor. When Sena Kuon refused to kill Ryōsuke Amō at the Death Battle's conclusion and stopped generating Inga, Shōsetsu performed the deed instead, causing Sena's sadness to swell and supplying the final bit of Inga needed to finish The Veil Armor.

While Shōsetsu sought to use Veil to create a new perfect world, Azami sought to use it to continue what the 500-year old darkness the original Garo tried to extinguish had begun: Destroying the entire world and avenge its defeat at hands of the Golden Knight. Unexpectedly, Sena was chosen by Garo to become its wielder and fought Veil in a final match. Despite the martial inferiority of his opponent, Veil was ultimately defeated by Garo after being disarmed.

After disposing of the now-defeated Shōsetsu, Azami takes back the Dark Metal that made up Veil and leaves, leaving the final fate of the Veil Armor in question.



  • Unlike its equivalents Kiba and Bolg from GARO and GARO: Vanishing Line respectively, Veil is much more in common with Jaaku since the armor was crafted by its fallen Makai Knight as opposed of corrupted out of pre-existing Armor.


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