Yōyū is a Makai Priest and a family friend to the Mikage Family in the events of Jinga.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Yōyū is a high ranking priest and former teacher to Fūsa. Not a great deal of information is known about him due to limited exposure. He was old friends with Mizuto Mikage and that friendship extended to the rest of the family. Yōyū personally investigated into Mizuto's fall and protected Tōma's sanity when he witnessed Jinga's battle with the Mizuto. It was his investigation into Jinga's power that finally revealed that all of the people Jinga saved are still Horrors (coinciding with the original Jinga releasing the darkness from all the victims). Yōyū is th only survivor of Jinga's massacre and continued to serve the order. Overall, Yōyū is a highly regarded teacher and priest of his time.


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