Yaiba is a red Makai Armor that specializes in scythe combat. Whoever wears this armor will take the title of Yaiba the Scorching Heat Knight (灼熱騎士・夜射刃ヤイバ, Shakunetsu Kishi Yaiba, Night Shooting Blade). This armor appears in Mystic Red Trap (novel) & Makai Decisive Battle Gaoh (pachinko game). The armor has yet to make a live-action or anime debut.


A unique Makai Armor amongst the others, the armor is feminine in its making despite being made for a man. It only partially contradicts the rule that females cannot wear Makai armors as the current wearer of this armor is capable of taking a male or female form. Designed to be compact and give the user greater use of speed and mobility for melee combat. Much about its abilities is unclear due to limited knowledge of the armor.

For combat, Yaiba is armed with Gurenzan, a Makai Blade which fashioned into a wolf-themed scythe for extended melee combat. The weapon's appearance in its normal state is yet to be revealed, but taking into the account of the difference of Titled Makai Blades' size between its normal and transformed state, Gurenzan's normal form is plausibly slightly smaller.

Like other Armor's Yaiba can use Blazing Armament in this case the Madō Flames are pink in color.




  • Gurenzan (紅蓮斬, Crimson Lotus Cutter): A scythe-like Makai Blade.



Despite its feminine appearance, the Yaiba Armor is not designed to be worn by female Makai Knights.


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