Zaji is a monstrous, immortal demonic entity with an obsession for defeating Garo and extinguishing the light of the Golden Knight. He first appeared in Makai Flash Knight against Kouga Saejima and later The Makai Flower against Raiga Saejima. In between time and space, he crossed between the Original Universe and Ryūga-verse in Makai Tales.


Befitting to his true nature, Zaji is determined to end the lineage of Golden Knight Garo with any means necessary. In fact, he's willing to use others as hostage and even cooperate with the likes of Eyrith for that goal.



Zaji is a demon beast born from the malevolence of Horrors with mutual hatred towards Garo accumulated into a single demonic entity. His appearance differs depending on the person inheriting the title. Because of his origins, driven by the Horror essence that composes his being, Zaji exists with the sole purpose to kill Golden Knights with extreme prejudice. Among his abilities is manipulation of time and space, using it to create a clone of himself and change the flow of time as well as the battlefield.

Makai Flash Knight[]

Using a broken stone face from a sphinx-based Horror statue to gain physical form, Zaji challenges Kouga to a fight to the death. Once his identity is revealed during the fight by the will of the ancestors of Kouga taking form of the Golden Knight, Garo damages the statue's restored face to destroy the Horror Gate that enables Zaji to exist. Though defeated, Zaji points out that his kind will kill Kouga and his successors in time, and that Kouga shall not have peace until his death should he choose to walk the path of a Makai Knight.

The Makai Flower[]

Zaji appears once more in GARO: The Makai Flower, this time to face off against Kouga's son Raiga Saejima who has gone for purification while getting a new Grou Dragon's fang. As Raiga has killed his hundredth Horror, the fang became embedded in the nearby broken statue face holding the sealed Zaji, and the Horror latches himself to it. Once the fang is installed in the Saejima manor, Zaji proceeds to make attempts to kill Raiga at his home with two clones. Once personally facing Raiga, Zaji overwhelms the Makai Knight by revealing his ability to transform into Super Zaji (超ザジ Chō Zaji), a large demonic version of himself. However, Zaji ends up being defeated by Raiga once again, right after he acquires the right to summon Gōten, which he earns due to the will of Garo reasoning that by fighting Zaji, he would be in fact fighting himself (it's later revealed that Raiga took up the mantle out of obligation as part of him wanted to live a normal life). Zaji curses the current Garo before exploding upon his defeat.

Makai Tales[]

By bargaining with Eyrith, Zaji gained a power boost which not only restored his powers, but also heightened it at the same time. Wanting to kidnap Rekka at first for her ties with the latest Golden Knight he despised, his heightened power over time and space unexpectedly resulted him drawn to Rian, a Makai Priest from an alternate reality which has its own Garo, prompting him to kidnap her as well. Bringing both Makai Priestesses into a pocket dimension, he easily defeats the former and corners the former only to be vanquished at hands of timely arrived Kouga.


  • Horror Powers:
    • Time & Space Manipulation: Zaji can manipulate, distort or bend the space-time continuum, the fabrics of reality in which all exist in. He can cause the time to stop at which only he and others he wish remain unaffected, transporting himself and others to various pocket dimension at which he has greater advantages, and if strong enough, performing inter-dimensional travel as seen in how he entered Rian's home universe to kidnap her upon sensing her bond with Garo in thd same universe.
  • Immortality: Zaji was created from the collective dark energies of beings that hated Garo for defeating them. As such, he can't be killed, only weakened or sealed away. Every time Garo defeats Zaji, he's merely weakened; he can return whenever he recharges his strength.


  • Sword: Zaji can form swords with a portion of his very being.




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