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Zanko (ザンコ) is a green Makai Armor that specializes in duel axe combat. Whoever wields the armor will take the title of Zanko the Blue Sky Knight (蒼天騎士・斬虎 Sōten Kishi Zanko, lit. "Slashing Tiger") or Heavenly Knight (天国 騎士 Tengoku Kishi). This armor is exclusive to the stage show Garo: Kami no Kiba Mezame. The armor is currently wielded by Kooki.

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The Zanko Armor is of a similar, practically near-identical design to the Giga Armor being a heavyset type of armor, albeit with some noticeable differences such as with the golden eyes, different slightly more ornate shoulder armor, and a single horn on the forehead. Like other armors in Ryugaverse series, Zanko is crafted from Zedom seed-based Soul Metal.

For combat, Zanko is armed with a pair of twin battle axes of similar design to Giga's Jushinfu. In normal conditions, the axes take the form of tomahawk-sized battle axes with sharp spikes at the top and bottom of the axes, along with hacking at foes with the axe blades these spikes also allows the knight to either stab at the enemy should the need arise. In their battle forms, they become larger more ornate axes that can be combined at the hilt allowing for greater reach.



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